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The Writing Life: Voices of Experience
Writing Articles : General Writing Articles

General Writing Articles

Advice and tips on story telling, writing from the heart, crafting titles, creativity, increasing productivity, writers voice, and other writing topics.

Recipe for First Draft: ¼ Cup Structure, ¾ Cup Imagination
By Sheila Williams
Digital gadgets and writing software make useful tools in the writing process, but don't forsake your creativity and imagination when writing a first draft.

Why You Must Be a Story Expert
By Carla Rieger
Stories can change a person's "frame of view" much more powerfully than dry concepts.

Zany Ideas that Increase Writing Productivity and Quality
By Catherine Franz
The environment affects how and what we write. Taking time to work with its energy is guaranteed to fuel the muse.

Writer's Voice: Find Meaning among Spring Blossoms
By Melissa A. Rosati
Have you seen my voice? Odd question, I know. Voice is associated with sound not sight.

Suggestions for Writing Effective Voiceover Copy
By Peter Drew
As with any of the performing arts, an effective voiceover begins with a well-crafted script.

Is Your Title Compelling?
By Nick Vernon
Your title is your selling tool. It's the first thing readers will scan and contemplate whether to read your story.

Updated 1/6/14