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The Writing Life: Voices of Experience
Writing Articles : How to Get Your Writings Out There

How to Get Your Writings Out There

By Michele Batz

I am passionate for writing about fitness. I am a physical education teacher who promotes writing to my students and we incorporate fitness along with writing. How? Well, we have fun in class with a new game or a new challenge, then we sit down and write about how the game made you feel. Were you excited? Did the game challenge your brain, along with your body? Yes, this is done with our third and fourth grade students and they love to share their thoughts.

About two years ago, I came up with this idea to have a fitness corner in our local newspaper. Everytime I read my hometown paper, the articles where coming from California, New York or New Mexico. I thought to myself, I can write as well as these writers and gave it a shot. I contacted the editors at my local newspaper and for free, I submitted a fitness column every week. After six months of submitting, I decided to ask to be paid for my columns and they said, YES. That is what started my adventure in fitness writing.

My next dream was to hit the message boards with my column. I went to web pages that promoted women's issues. The big one, had several messages and they need community leaders to help answer the posts for each day. I submitted my name and for a couple of years, guided the posters on how to live healthier lives, how to incorporate fitness into their day and gave them support along the way. It also helped me to develop a clear cut, no nonsense style of writing for fitness. A reader can take what they read from me and apply it today. They do not need to try to get the meaning, or picture in the head exactly what they should is right there in front of them.

On one of those boards was an individual who works for a company called She liked the way I wrote and the way I motivated people. About a year ago, she contacted me through e-mail informing me that she had something planned and lo and behold, one of her editors wanted me to write for him. That grew to and just recently

With the added confidence, I have submitted to several fitness magazines and have passed the first step. Yes, things may happen there, too.

Dream and dream big. Go to all forms of media to get the word out about your writings, your creativity, and never let anyone belittle you on those dreams. It will happen and you have the power right at your fingertips to get the ball moving. Google everything that is related to your creativity and start submitting today. What are you waiting for...stop reading this and let your dream begin and flourish. •

© 2005 Michele Batz. All rights reserved.

Michele Batz is a physical education at Kenneth Murphy Elementary in Beach Park, Illinois.

Updated 1/6/14