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The Only True Genius in the Family - A Novel by Jennie Nash
'My Own True Genius' Essays : Lori Parsells, My Own True Genius

True Genius Essay Contest Runner Up!

My Own True Genius

By Lori Parsells

The Only True Genius in the Family by Jennie NashIt tugs at my heart, and flickers past my eyes. The masterpiece that I could create, right now, this minute, if only... I weren't obligated to do the dishes and feed my family each day! Ideas assault my senses, and frustrate me to no end when my hands are busy folding laundry, and my thoughts are supposed to be on my 4th grader's homework...

I know I can do it, and once in a while I eke out just enough time to draw, paint, take photos, or play around with a thought or an idea that feeds my soul. I get started, and can't stop. Eventually, I come up for air, step back and am amazed when I see what was burning in my head, has been translated unconsciously by my fingers, (no more thought necessary by then). It satisfies my creative need just enough to keep me in the game.

To get by, until the time comes, when more of my time is my own, I volunteer my talents locally. I try to keep close to creative people and ideas. I enter photos in art shows, because I haven't had the time to put together the paintings I really have in mind. And, I think. Constantly. About the layered images floating in my head... waiting for the day, when time and talent will come together. •

© 2009 Lori Parsells