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Art & Crafts : Overcoming Blocks in Your Art & Writing

Overcoming Creative Blocks in Your Art, Writing, Creativity

Sometimes the artistic self wants to express itself creatively, but doesn't know where to begin. Or sometimes it has begun but then finds itself stuck due to fear, anxiety, or a seemingly halt of creative flow or ideas.

Whether it's artist block, writer's block, or some other creativity block, the following articles discuss tips, exercises, and methods known to help creators of all kinds to 'break on through to the other side.'

Additionally, a number of the frequent contributors, artists, psychologists, and creativity coaches featured on Creativity Portal's Author Series page discuss topics related to managing artist's block of every kind. Among these include Eric Maisel, Jill Badonsky, Rick Benzel, Douglas Eby, Lyne Marshall, and Chris Zydel.

Overcoming Artist's Blocks

Overcoming Artist's Block
By Gail Miller
How many times does an artist stare down at that blank piece of paper thinking "What on earth do I paint — Where do I put my first mark?"

Seven Lessons from Artists
By Suzanne Falter-Barnes
I've discovered that the reason more people don't express themselves is not because they can't — but because they don't realize how universal their fears are, and how necessary their work is in the world.

Why We Don't Write Our Books
By Suzanne Falter-Barnes
I've noticed a phenomenon that I'll call "Author's Block." Would-be writers can, indeed, sit down and work when pressed to it. The problem is that they're not so sure they want the pressure of being an author. But they do want to. But they don't. And so on.