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Author Series - Professional Perspectives
Authors : Douglas Eby

Creative Expression and Personal Achievement

Douglas Eby writes about psychological and social aspects of creative expression and personal achievement. His site has a wide range of articles, interviews, quotes and other material to inform and inspire: Talent Development Resources.

Creativity Articles by Douglas Eby

The Alchemy of Art
By Douglas Eby
Creative expression can transform painful reactions and situations, providing strength and understanding to change how we feel and interact with the world. Works of art made by others can remodel our inner realities.

Entitled to Be Exceptional
By Douglas Eby
Being exceptional — unusually skillful, smart, creative or otherwise more capable than the norm — may include a judgment both by others and ourselves as being an "outsider." Gifted and talented people can experience a self-defeating aversion to expressing talents that might separate them from other people.

Maturity and Creativity
By Douglas Eby
Age and maturity can bring a new level of passion, ability and insight for creative expression. ... Many creative endeavors flourish with increasingly varied life experience and the kind of vitality adult development can nurture.

Identity and Creating
By Douglas Eby
Engaging in a creative venture often brings up questions and uncertainties related to personal identity: Am I qualified? Do I have enough experience, strength, talent, skill? Will the work be good enough? Will I be good enough?