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Life of the Party Easter Soap Bar Project
Candle & Soap Making : LOP : How to Make Easter Soap Bars

Fill your Easter basket with colorful soap bars!

Learn How to Make Fun 3D Soaps to Fill Your Easter Baskets

By Julie Stochel, Courtesy of Life of the Party

Soap making with Life of the Party is fun, easy and produces great results the very first time. Our broad range of creative supplies elevates soap making to soap crafting!

Beautiful handmade soaps are really quite simple to create and make fabulous gifts. Put together pretty gift baskets filled with handmade soaps this holiday season and your family and friends will be very impressed.

Following you will find step-by-step instructions on how to make 3D soaps. It's fun and easy, so why not give it a try!

Choose a mold.

Step 1: Choose a 3D mold. Mold# E196 shown.

Cut molds.

Step 2: Use scissors to cut around mold cavities as shown. Cut out a hole approximately 1/2 - 1" diameter in the bottom of the piece for pouring.

Fasten molds.

Step 3: Fasten opposite sides together with metal binder clips. (Binder clips can be found at office supply stores.)

Pour melted soap into mold.

Step 4: Place mold, bottom side up, in a cup, bowl or something that will help keep the mold standing upright when pouring. Pour melted soap into opening of mold. Spray poured soap with rubbing alcohol to remove any air bubbles, then repour to fill any air pockets.

Remove clips.

Step 5: After soap has set, remove clips and unmold your piece.

Fill your Easter basket!

Fill your Easter baskets with your fun 3D soap creations!

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