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Candle and Soap Making
Arts & Crafts : Candle & Soap Making Free Projects & Info Sources

Candle and Soap Making

7 Free Candle & Soap Making Projects on Creativity Portal:

  1. Checkerboard Soap Bars
  2. Easter Soap Bars
  3. Autumn Soap Bars
  4. Embossed Votive Holder Shade
  5. Jar Lid / Candle Decoration
  6. Preserved Flower Candles
  7. Orange-Eucalyptus Bath Salts

Candle and Soap Making How-to & Info Sources:

Repeat steps 1-4.Candle and soap making is a utilitarian craft that's been around for centuries. Techniques for making home made candles and soaps includes melting waxes and adding scents and oils, and setting the liquid in a variety of molds. Scents, decorative finishes, and accessories are added to candle creations to make beautiful home decorations and gifts.

Candle Making Techniques
A community site for candle making instructions and project ideas. Includes melting wax, pillar instructions, votive candle, container candle, water baths, color suggestions, techniques for chunk candles, wax art, hurricane shells, and message boards.

Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen
How to make your own soap and toiletries. Free soapmaking and toiletry recipes, plus basic instructions and resources to get you started, as well as a forum for discussing all your ideas!

How Does a Candle Work?
Learn about the amazing lighting system that a candle is, and how the wick and wax of the candle work together resulting in a phenomena where "the fuel itself is the package."

Candle and Soapmaking at
A solid candle and soap making resource! Includes tons of articles and free projects for candle, soap making, and related topics. Candle how to, facts, mold information, history, gel, hurricane, layered, scented, aromatherapy, and product reviews.

Candle Cauldron
Candle making information, tips, ideas, and resources. Dictionary of candle making terms, candle burning and safety tips, scent mixing ideas and recipes, candle history, and hot topics in candle making.

Miller's Homemade Soap
Learn how to make homemade soaps. Features soap handouts, traditional methods with notes, modern soap making procedures, all vegetable soaps and recipes, where to find ingredients, recipes using animal fats, castile soap recipes, making clear glycerin soap, and soap making FAQs.

Updated 12/25/13