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Life of the Party Projects
Candle & Soap Making : Life of the Party

Life of the Party Projects

Life of the Party, the craft industry's leading supplier of boutique-quality soap making supplies, has grown to this position quickly and dramatically. Life of the Party is the largest domestic supplier of soap making supplies and kits. This was accomplished with a dedication to outstanding quality, service and the development of new products. Life of the Party's products are available at specialty, gift and craft stores. For more information, consumers can visit or call 1-877-828-0886.

Click for Checkerboard Soap Project Instructions

Life of the Party Soap Making Projects

Checkerboard Soap Bars
Soap making is fun and incredibly easy to do. It consists of three basic steps, plus a few more to create fun checkerboard soap bars.

Easter Soap Bars
Learn how to use simple molds to make fun colorful 3D soaps to fill your Easter baskets.

Autumn Soap Bars
These colorful soap bars are the perfect way to add a seasonal touch to your bathroom decor. Reflect the season by using winter, spring or summer colors, or use colors that match your bathroom's color palette.