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Aging Techniques for Mixed Media & Collage by Tatiana Kuzyk
Aging Techniques for Mixed Media & Collage : Page 5 of 7

Simple Aging Techniques for Mixed Media & Collage

Applying Paint with a Palette Knife

continued from page 4

Picture 20

Picture 21

Here again we meet another 'addition' of texturizing layers, this time, with a little help from a palette knife. I used undiluted Golden Liquid Acrylics Titan Buff and left small deposits of this paint in selected areas. Next I went over with my palette knife and scraped off any excess color trying to preserve some transparency of the underlying imagery.

Picture 22

The photograph below shows an already dried layer of paint. Notice how the creases that were initially created by a heavy gel application are accentuated and add more overall dimensions and a beautiful antique feel to the artwork.

Picture 23

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