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The Art Institute in Chicago, Illinois, USA
Arts & Crafts : Exploring the World of Art: Art Appreciation and Art History

Exploring the World of Art: Art Appreciation and Art History

Have you ever wondered about these questions:

  • What is art?
  • Why is artistic expression important to our lives?
  • What's the difference between art and craft?
  • How is the knowledge of art history, famous masters, evolving art forms, art materials, and art methods useful to us today?

If you'd like to gain a deeper appreciation for art and the benefits of artistic expression, this section on the Creativity Portal will guide you to and through abundant resources focusing on art appreciation and art history.

Begin to explore the art world by the articles and resources featured below, and then browse our other topics: Art Museums & Galleries, Famous Artist Masters, Folk & Outsider Art, Unusual Art Forms, 20th Century and Modern Artists.

Featured Art Appreciation Articles

Abstract Artists: History, Appreciation, Profiles, and Art
By George Baxter
Read about various abstract artists (such as Piet Mondrian), their lives and influences in this engaging art history and appreciation series of by George Baxter.

What is Art? Traditional Versus Abstract
By Lynda Lehmann
Art, both the making and the viewing of it, encourages us to view the world in new ways, as well as to look into ourselves. A world without art would be intellectually and spiritually barren.

Seurat and Brancusi's Famous Works of Art

Appreciating the Famous Works of Georges Seurat and Constantin Brancusi
By Chris Dunmire
While taking a college-level course on Art Appreciation, I was given the assignment of comparing and contrasting two different pieces of art — viewing one in person in an art gallery and finding one in a virtual museum online and reporting my findings on the visual elements, principles of design, and differences of the art experience viewed each way.

Art, Art Appreciation & Art History Resources

Art Appreciation, An Introduction
"Subjectivity is inalienable to the appreciation of art." This is a site to "spark interest, ignite discussion and provoke critical thinking."

Art History Portal
Learn about the different eras and types of art including Prehistoric, Ancient, Classical, Renaissance, Modernism, Performance Art, and Folk Art.

Art History Resources on the Web
A great research tool for finding information about Art and Art History. Includes Celtic, Gothic, Neo-Classicism, Romanticism, Impressionism, Symbolism, Pointillism, and Art Nouveau.

So You Wanna Fake an Appreciation for Art?
A fun way to learn about early and modern art periods, analyze the subject and technique of a painting, and have the museum experience without ever going to school.