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Summer Kite Making & Flying!
Arts & Crafts : Summer Crafts and Fun Creative Ideas

Summer Creativity: Arts, Crafts, Indoor & Outdoor Activities

"If summer isn't the best season to foster creativity, I don't know what is. ... Reach out with both arms like a hungry, greedy child, and wrap yourself in summer. Make this your most creative summer yet."
— Cynthia Morris, Summer's Creative Exuberance

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Kids Summer Craft Ideas

By Kelly Milano

With summer here, many of us are looking for things to help keep our kids busy and out of trouble during the long, hot summer days. Without spending a fortune on craft supplies or days out, you can create some unique masterpieces with your children; masterpieces that can last a lifetime.

Rock Garden

During the morning, when the sun's rays aren't so hot and the morning breeze is still present, take a walk together, looking for rocks. Kids love rock hunting and with every new find will grow more excited. Tell them to keep an eye out for rocks of all shapes and sizes, watching for flat, smooth stones, as well as jagged, sharp rocks. Encourage them to use their imaginations and look for rocks that can be turned into animals, flowers, dragons or fairies once you are at home.

When you return home, cover your table or other work surface with plastic wrap. This makes for easy cleanup once the project is finished. Arrange an assortment of water tempera paints and paint brushes and have fun painting to your heart's content. Use the creations throughout your garden or household plants.

Another idea is to take the dried rock creations, glue them into the inside lid of a clean, dry baby food jar, seal and glue the lid and you have your own miniature rock garden.

Painted Piggy Banks

Turn empty KoolAid canisters into piggy banks that your kids design and create. Simply peel the outside label off the plastic canister. Wash the canister and allow to dry completely. Once dry, arrange the various paints and brushes, remembering to cover the work surface with plastic wrap first.

Your child can use their imagination to make a farm animal, a beach ball or other ball, face or anything they can dream up. Cut a slit in the top of the canister. You may also want to seal the top and bottom pieces of the canister together to keep little hands from getting into the new treasures. These are a great, fun place for your child to put their allowance or other chore money during the summer.

Back to School Planter

Another idea for the empty KoolAid or other small plastic container is to create a Back To School Plant. Covering the workspace and arranging paint again, allow your child to paint the canister any way they please. Once dry, take a sharp knife and poke several holes in the bottom of the new 'planter' for drainage.

Fill the container with soil and let your child plant several seeds in the soil. This is a great learning experience as your child will need to water the plant and care for it as it grows. When your child returns to school in the fall, he can take his plant with him and give it to his teacher as a 'Welcome Back to School' gift for the classroom. •

© Kelly Milano

About the Author
Kelly Milano is a SAHM mom to four. Her and her husband live in Michigan, where he is a home inspector and she owns two websites: and For more fun ideas, visit