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4th of July Projects, Free Flags & Coloring Fun

Looking for Independence Day arts and crafts projects? Then you've come to the right place! Creativity Portal's Fourth of July section features free party inspiration, printable 4th of July Parade Flags, American flag coloring, summer candle scents, and resources with patriotic fun. And if you're interested in ways you can save time and money sending out your picnic party invites, don't miss the helpful answer to Where can I find free party invitations?

Crafts, Decorations & Festive Foods: Creative 4th of July Fun

By Chris Dunmire

Independence Day isn't just a movie starring Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum, and Will Smith. It's an American holiday occurring every year on July 4 commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 (that was when the original 13 colonies separated themselves from Great Britain, thereby declaring their independence!).

Most of the festivities surrounding the Fourth of July include summer picnics, parades, and glorious nighttime fireworks displays. It's certainly one of the noisiest holidays, often marked by celebratory gun fire, non-stop firecracker popping, and occasional earth-shattering booms.

For some of us, this holiday needn't be all about pretty pyrotechnics and war-mimicking thunder. It's a great time to reflect on our freedoms and enjoy summertime barbeques, family, and togetherness. It also presents many opportunities to express ourselves through bold colors, celebratory projects, and party favor fun!

Whether you're looking to engage your inner artist or crafter, party planner, or gourmet caterer, these creative ideas will make your next Fourth of July celebration more memorable and creative.

Colors and Symbols

Fourth of July is a patriotic holiday, so the colors and symbols from the American Flag rule. Stars, stripes, red, white, and blue should be the main themes running through your party decorations, picnic dishes, and crafty novelty gifts. Other colors may complement the basic three (greens, yellows, pinks), just be sure they are vibrant and bold!

Other popular symbols include the American Flag, Uncle Sam, Statue of Liberty, fireworks and colorful explosions, marching bands, parades, and batons. For more symbol and color ideas, keep your eyes open to advertising displays and slick ads leading up to the special day.

Arts, Crafts, Party Decorations

Kids will love contributing to your party decorations and having celebratory projects to do on their own. You can easily turn any ordinary craft project into a Fourth of July Celebration craft simply by incorporating the American Flag colors and symbols into a project.

Some craft (and gift) ideas for little hands can be made with construction paper, finger paints, wood cutouts, glue, crayons, sheets of foam (or foamie pieces), felt, polymer clay, or any other creative material. Fun projects ideas include: American Flags, patriotic pinwheels, colored beaded jewelry and decorations, hair ties and barrettes, Uncle Sam posters, tissue paper flowers, and coloring pages (see further down for a list of free project printables and craft resources).

Remember, think red, white and blue for your balloons, party streamers, napkins, cups, plates, and plasticware, and soon your party decor will be festive and complementary towards the day.

Festive Food Fun

Thanks to edible food dyes and "canvas" foods such as whipped cream, cottage cheese, plain yogurt, vanilla cake, ice cream, and icings, you can easily add a few drops of red or blue to a dish (or an assortment of colored sprinkles) to make a patriotic dessert! Don't forget that colored gelatins (like Jello®), red ketchup (or catsup) and other zany condiments and foods pre-colored by manufacturers (blue corn chips, red Doritos® chip, etc.) are also welcome additions to a patriotic feast!

Remember, with a few simple embellishments and by sticking with patriotic theme colors and symbols in your party decorations, craft projects, and picnic foods on July 4, there's no wrong way to go about it. Above all, don't forget to relax and enjoy your party, and at the end of the day look up at the sky and enjoy the spectacular fireworks display! •

Print United States of America USA flag

July 4th Crafts: Free Projects & Resources

Free Printable Downloads

Patriotic Project: Make a 4th of July Parade Flag
Create your own Independence Day Parade Flags in four easy steps:

  1. Download the printable PDF file featuring two sets of mirrored American flags.
  2. Print the page on thick paper or card stock.
  3. Cut out the flag.
  4. Wrap flag around a small dowel rod (or stick) and tape or glue it together.

This flag printable can also be used in other projects such as collage, scrapbooking layouts, journaling, or anything else your imagination thinks up!

American Flag Coloring Page
Patriotic coloring fun for kids and adults! Download and print this PDF file on regular printer paper and get your crayons out for some coloring fun! You can even cut out your finished flag to use as a 4th of July decoration or element in another project.

More 4th of July Art & Craft Sources

Better Homes and Gardens Patriotic Crafts & Quilts
"Show your patriotic spirit with easy-to-make crafts and cozy quilts." Craft projects include Bubble Wands, Stand-Up Stars, Star-Rimmed Basket, Star-Studded Centerpiece, Freedom Frames, Patriotic Peekaboo Wreath, and Uncle Sam Outdoor Whirligig.

Patriotic Crafts from MakingFriends
A super kid-friendly craft resource with miles of free craft project instructions. Includes an assortment of patriotic jewelry, crafts, decorations, and embellishment ideas; a stars and stripes birdhouse, painted yo-yo, parade banners, patriotic fun glasses, finger cymbals, and many coloring pages.

Family Corner Fourth of July Crafts
Blast off rockets, musical instruments for kids, hand painted patriotic jars, parade stick, 4th of July wreath, stars and strips shirt, patriotic candle.

Holiday Candles: 4th of JulyChoosing Candles & Scents for July

By Kara Kelso

Deciding on just a few candles is rarely easy. With so much to choose from now (possibly even thousands of scents), it's next to impossible to choose just one. This is part one of a number of articles to follow on choosing candle scents for your home.

With 4th of July and several weeks of celebration, it seems only natural to choose an American type candle, or even a "summer" scent. Here are some suggestions for scents that "fit" the month of July:

American Style Containers:
Many candles companies are now offering candles with red, white, and blue layers. Others offer American flag design containers and votive holders.

Apple Pie Scent:
This has become quite popular, and for a good reason. It's absolutely yummy, and smells good enough to eat! Nothing says American quite like Apple Pie.

Blueberry Muffin:
Another very "American-like" scent. This scent smells just like blueberry muffins right out of the oven.

Watermelon Scent:
Looking for something a little more sweet? Try this summer favorite. Watermelons are a picnic favorite, and a fun summer treat.

Cinderella Scent:
If you prefer floral scents, here's a nice one for mid-summer. This unique scent is a romantic aroma of amber, musk, vanilla, with base tones of fresh cut violets and lily of the valley. Available at many candle stores online.

Dandelion Pear:
Another unique summer scent. This aroma begins with the slightly bitter aroma of dandelion, and wildflowers; perfectly mellowed out with tart fresh pear, green tea leaves, and cool aloe vera.

Still looking for something a bit more floral? Try this simple favorite. While more of a spring-time scent, this one is also nice for mid-summer.


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