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Graphic Design
Design : Exploring Graphic Design & Desktop Publishing

Exploring Graphic Design & Desktop Publishing

Graphic Design is a growing profession that encompasses print and Web site design, multi-media, and desktop publishing. From simple business cards and forms to full-scale publications and digital media, a fundamental understanding of design principles is essential. Within this collection of graphic design resources you'll find Web sites with plenty tips and techniques and those that teach basic layout and design principles; and share professional tips, free templates, articles and tutorials for your creative design projects.

Featured Design Articles

Design Faux Pas: Mixing Web Graphics w/ Print Projects
By Chris Dunmire
A quick lesson in the ethical, legal, and common-sense reasons why not to use images downloaded from random Web sites in your newsletters and other print projects.

Choosing the "Right" Logo
By Colleen Ryan
Logotype, commonly know as a logo, is a design, a graphic representation / image / trademark symbolizing one's organization.

Graphic Design Websources

Robin Williams Design Tips & Advice
Professional advice on many design topics by Robin Williams. Features articles from Eyewire's Typetalk, excellent tips and advice for graphic design, desktop publishing, fonts, typography, and Web site design. Articles by Todd Bertsch
The design dump is your total graphic design resource for graphic design books, web design books, news, articles, links, conferences, statistics and much more.

DivaDesign Tips & Tutorials
Learn ten tricks for better graphic design focusing on type, white space, illustrations, color, and originality. Plus tips for printing in high resolution: bleeds, crop marks, color matching, PDF's, and gradients.

Design, Type, and Graphics Magazine
A design and desktop publishing guide with "tips and tricks for design, printing, photography, and publishing of all kinds." Covers topics in Web design, print design, digital art and painting, self-publishing resources, clipart, cameras, e-books, and newsletters. Articles and interviews with leading experts in the graphic design and desktop publishing fields.
A place to learn how to design and market anything. Includes sections for production and design; articles for how to write it, produce it, and get it printed; step by step design ideas for business cards, logos, and brochures. Covers working with printers, integrated branding, form and function of folds, presentations, type design, views on design, writing, and advice for new designers.

Desktop Publishing at
A solid desktop publishing / graphic design community and resource. Covers the essential topics of desktop publishing (DTP 101) including how to do desktop publishing; things you'll need as a publisher (software, fonts); and careers in DTP. Features step by step tutorials by skill level, software, graphic design, Web design, scanning, prepress and file prep, typography, and printing. Explains the differences between print and Web design, film, font classes, and postscript printers.

Graphic Design at
A solid graphic design resource and discussion board community covering all aspects of graphic design. Covers fonts, type, layout, desktop publishing, illustration, design careers, portfolios, design tips, information design, Photoshop, Adobe, Corel, Quark, case studies, projects, tutorials, how-to's. Includes information for finding a job, setting rates, business tips, articles, and newsletters.

Designer's Jumpola
"Chuck Green's large list of links for designers and marketers." Includes a section of how-to articles covering design and production, and design directory of links for all the design resources you'll need including: online design tools, tips, photos and clipart, type foundries, Web design, print design, free templates, type viewers, paper sellers, and printers.