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Free Printables
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Free Printables for Personal Use

Download & Print from Creativity Portal and Other Online Sources

Welcome to our free printables guide — free download-and-printables available exclusively through the Creativity Portal Web site and other resources we've hand-selected from the Web. These resources feature a variety of free printables you can generally use for personal, non-commercial use. Other restrictions may apply according to each creator and Web site, so be sure to read any terms of use associated with your downloads. Free printables categories follow.

Free Printables Categories

Exclusive Creativity Portal Printables
Download and print an assortment of custom designed greeting cards, gift tags, postcards, bookmarks, and calendars. Features winter snowman greeting cards and glitter gift tags, fall greeting cards, and more.

Free Printable Bookmarks
Free printable bookmarks from authors, artists, and other resources. Featuring holiday themed Christmas, Easter, Halloween, summer, story character, country, friendship, and flowers.

Free Printable Calendars
Custom made and do-it-yourself calendars to design and print. Features kindness calendars, calendar templates for Microsoft Word, and many more.

Free Printable Candy Bar Wrappers
Free printable candy bar wrappers for all holiday and special occasions. New baby, congratulations, Valentines, you're special, and many more.

Free Printable Gag Gifts and Novelty Items
Placebo pill packaging, tiny printables and more for your humor and joke fun.

Free Printable Gift Tags & Cards
Free printable cards and gift tags for holidays and other special occasions. Dr. Seuss, art, winter, and more.

Free Printable Greeting Cards
Free greeting cards to celebrate friendship, seasons, and other special occasions.

Free Printable Invitation Cards
Free printable invitations for special events, birthdays, parties, anniversaries, holidays, and many more.

Free Printable Scrapbook Templates and Stationery
Free printable scrapbook template layouts to print and use for personal use. Many varieties including school, special events, birthdays, and holidays. Jazz up your writing with specialty designed stationery templates too with an assortment of themes from animals to special events and occasions.