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Free Candy Bar Wrapper Projects, Graphics, Tips, Fun & Resources

Are you looking for free cute or celebratory candy bar wrappers, online generators, projects, or software to design your own? If so, you'll enjoy our collection of online candy wrapper creation sites, generators, and finished wrappers and graphics you can download and print for free personal use.

Featured Candy Wrapper Project

Chocolate Nuggets Candy Wrapper Project
By Virginia Tavenner
Learn how to create your own customized candy wrappers for HERSHEY'S © Nuggets or Treasures using Microsoft Word and Avery labels with this tutorial. Free, pre-designed graphic provided for your own personalized message.

Booterfinger Chocolate Bar Wrapper by Creativity Portal

Free Halloween Candy Wrapper Graphic and Wrapping Tips

If you'd like to make your trick-or-treating candy more fun, you have have permission to download and use this fun "Booterfinger" candy bar wrapper graphic custom designed by the Creativity Portal.

To download, simply right-click on the above image and save it to your computer. You can import it into your own graphics programs or candy wrapper design software when you design your own chocolate wrappers. Please leave our Web site URL on the wrapper.

Important Candy Wrapper Making Tips:

  • Any wrapper you download or design on your own should only be used as an OUTER WRAP on an existing candy bar. NEVER take off the original manufacturer's sealed wrapper when wrapping your own candy.

  • Use your candy wrapper as a promotional tool for your Web site or business phone number. Notice how the Creativity Portal Web site URL is included on the above graphic.

Did you like our parody Butterfinger® Candy Bar Wrapper idea? Here's more novel and parody message ideas, or you can invent your own!

  • Happy Halloween!
  • Don't eat too much candy!
  • Mummy M's
  • Scareshey's
  • Spookers

More Candy Wrapper Sources

Software Packages & Free Printable Wrappers

Raspberry Swirls — Free Candy Wrapper Customizer
Offers several free sample candy wrapper printables and projects in addition to wrapper printables for purchase to individuals and business (also has mini wrappers, mintbooks and invitations). Includes software tutorials in Paint, Microsoft Word, and Paint Shop Pro.

Printables by Belle | Inspiring Success Story
Fun sections with an assortment of free templates and printables you can download, print, and assemble. Includes candy bar and popcorn wrappers, Christmas bags and boxes, gift tags, greeting cards, CDs, notecards, and labels.

Alenka's Printable Candy Bar Wrappers
"Print on regular paper, cut out, wrap around a candy bar and glue or tape down the sides so that you get a closed end wrapper." Wrapper size is for 1.5 oz Hershey Bar and includes several types of Valentines, reward, Birthday, friendship, new baby, teacher, and garden.

Updated 7/7/14

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