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Download and Print the Mirecle33 Creativity Patch
Free Printables : Free Novelty Joke Printables: Patches, Packaging, Cards

Free Novelty Joke Printables: Patches, Packaging, Cards

What does a Creativity Patch, No Frills Greeting Cards, and fake Placebo Pill Packaging all have in common? They're cute, they're novel, and they're FREE! Enjoy Creativity Portal's own private collection (designed by Chris Dunmire) of novel printables, humor greeting cards, wacky humor clip art patches and more that you can download and print free for personal use.

Printing Tips: For extra durability, print greeting cards, gift tags, and packaging boxes on thick paper or card stock. Any printable that is designated as a "sticker" or patch can be printed on a sheet of self-adhesive label paper.

The Original Mirecle33 Creativity Patch

Exclusive Creativity Portal Creations

Placebo Pill PackagingDownload Now: Placebo Pill Packaging
Here's an item you won't find on the shelf of your favorite pharmacy! Dr. Q's Placebo packaging is a fun gag gift you can print and fold up to fool unsuspecting pill-seekers browsing through your medicine cabinet. (461KB one per page)

The Original Mirecle33 Creativity Patch
Download and print the original Fun Creativity Patch Kit! Features high print quality sheets of Creativity Patches, Card Wrappers, and joke "Retail" Packaging. Download, print, and assemble for hours of creative fun!

More Novelty Patch Clip Art
We live in awesome times when you can sport a patch on your body to help you stop smoking, curb your appetite, and maintain your hormone levels. There's no reason you can't have a slow, steady stream of any other substance delivered into your system through one of Creativity Portal's dozens of other Mirecle33 patches.

Flaunt Your Frugality with No Frills Cards
Are you a tightwad? Then you'll love these "cheaply designed" NO FRILLS greeting cards and invitations — complete with a generic barcode! You'll have to supply your own envelope. Hey, when we say no frills, we mean it!

More of Chris Dunmire's Humor & Fun Printables
Many free to download and print: April Fool's Jokes, assorted Creativity Patch Kits, World's Hardest Puzzles, CreativiTEA Packaging, and other printable gags and jokes.