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Be Creative : Humor: Mirecle33 Creativity Patch = World Peace


Mirecle33 Creativity Patch = World Peace

The Creativity Patch Kit FoldedBy Chris Dunmire

"What will they think of next? That's just absurd!"

If that's your reaction to seeing the Mircle33 Creativity Patch for the very first time, then you're not alone. Critics and skeptics alike have relished in the opportunity to disprove the amazing effects the "patch" has on people, many themselves believing in the myth of "creative bones," although ironically, not having a single one in their own bodies.

Since 2005, millions* of Mirecle33 Creativity Patches and patch kits have been downloaded, printed, and used from the original Dunmire Labs Websource (free samples here). They've inspired, motivated, and humorated many while being the subject of multiple blog entries, newsletter tidbits, and printable prankentry — and scantily clad pictures of bare arms sporting the patch have turned up online from at least one quilting guild.

Businesses and organizations, too, have patched in on the undeniable creative success of the Mirecle33. In 2007, the Denver Art Museum in Colorado eagerly licensed the Mirecle Creativity Patch as a promotional tool for participants in their art and creativity programs (true). Never before has such a placeboed product produced such pleasantry (sorry, I'm also working on an article for Tongue Twister magazine).

What power could possibly be unleashed from this small flesh-colored paper square to induce aspiring creative's from all walks of life to go through the ritual of printing, cutting, and sticking it to their arms — while knowing it contains no active substance, only an ingredient that activates something already within them?

The mind is a powerful thing. And so is the power of belief.

The patch unleashes the powerful belief in the embedded potential every human being has in regards to being creative and expressing their unique sense of creativity. We all have it — it's built into us. So maybe that "creative bones" thing is true after all, in a metaphorical sense. Sometimes all it takes is a simple tool like the Creativity Patch to remind us of our creative endowment.

So, if the Mirecle33 Creativity Patch can trick people into realizing their creative potential, then couldn't it also be a tool towards inducing a state of world peace? Before you say "horse feathers," follow this creative logic...

Powerful Leap-of-Faith Equations

Yes, the "Mirecle" is perhaps a misnomer for the real miracle taking place within the experience of every patch user who spends even a few moments contemplating the possibility of more creativity in the world. Now what if they really acted on it? Just think:

  1. More creativity = more new ideas = more innovation.

  2. More creative expression = more emotional outlets = less stress.

  3. More innovation + less stress = happier, fulfilled people.

  4. Happier, fulfilled people = less competition + more co-creation = more getting along and working together = peace on earth.**

See, peace on earth. Isn't that powerful?

Mirecle33 Creativity Patch Kit

Download your little bit of peace on earth now »
(PDF 210KB)

* Approximately.

** This statement has not been approved by the FDA or any other legitimate organization.

© Chris Dunmire 2008. All rights reserved.

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Updated 12/20/13