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Create Innovative Wire Sculpture Tutorials by Elizabeth Berrien
Arts & Crafts : Wire Art, Sculpture, Metal Crafting

Metal Sculpture and Wire Art

Creatively Crafting Metals into Works of Art

See also:Mobile Sculpture

Wire is the line in art.
Did You Know?

When an artist approaches wire sculpture, the wire represents one of the most fundamental visual elements of art: the line, which can be creatively interpreted and bent into 3D space to produce infinite possibilities in artistic expression. Try it »
Let the Wire Inspire: Release Your Creative Energy by Angela Hook
Book Review: Let the Wire Inspire

Angela Hook teaches you how to release your creative energy through bending, twisting, and shaping wire. BONUS: Read an excerpt from chapter 2: Wire Art — A Whole New Language.

Metal crafting is a dynamic field which lends itself to many techniques, forms, and uses of precious metals, irons, and steels to manifest creative concepts into finished artforms. It includes welding, smithing, bending wire art and sculpture, mobile (kinetic sculpture), jewelry making, and other fabrications.

In Creativity Portal's Metal Sculpture and Wire Art section, you'll find several free wire art tutorials by Elizabeth Berrien, the Godmother of the modern wire sculpture movement as well as other metal crafting and wire art resources brimming with instructional projects, how-to's, tips and techniques.

Featured Wire Art Tutorials

Teaching Innovative Wire Sculpture to Students
By Elizabeth Berrien
The Godmother of the modern wire art movement provides this instructional teachers' aid and lesson plan for wire art projects for grades 2 to 12.

Wire Sculpture: Crafting with Metal Strands
By Elizabeth Berrien
Elizabeth Berrien teaches you the thrill of exploring with wire to create your own freestyle approach to innovative wire sculpture with this free online workshop.

More Metal Crafting and Wire Art Resources
Experience over 37 years of wire sculpture creativity by Elizabeth Berrien, one of the world's foremost wire sculptors, who started pioneering her own unique form of textile-based, hand-twisted, non-traditional wire sculpture in 1968.

Wire Inspire: Creative Wire Sculpture and Wireart
"Release your creative energy!" This instructional site, featuring the work of artist Angela Hook, includes how-to wire bending techniques, a demonstration of the creative process, a gallery of beautiful wire art sculptures, and the inspiring Creative Wire newsletter.

Artmetal: Arts & Crafts in the Metal Arts
Arts and crafts in the metal decorative arts. Features a workplace and learning center for design, jewelry making, and sculpture; and a discussion forum for the various disciplines in the metal arts.

Art of Chainmail
Dedicated to passing on and preserving knowledge of the ancient art of chain and chain armours, commonly known as maille, chainmaille, chainmail and mail. Features a guide to creating your own chain mail, patterns, techniques, and galleries.

DIY Sheet Metal Techniques
DIY Decorating & Design host Nancy Golden offers tips and techniques (and instructional pictures) for making your own boxes, lanterns, chandeliers, and accessories out of sheet metal.

Guild of Metalsmiths
"Exists to educate its members about metalworking and blacksmithing. This includes all forms of metalsmithing from traditional blacksmithing to contemporary art forms."

Metal Craft for Professionals and Beginners
Features design ideas and online demonstrations of metal crafting tools and techniques from their own line of tools that "cut, punch, scroll, bend, roll, twist and rivet metalwork together without the need for heat, welding or prior metalworking skills."

Society of American Silversmiths (SAS)
A resource for silversmiths, collectors, and students devoted to the silversmith's art and craft. Has a discussion forum, artisan silver gallery, glossary of silversmithing terms and tools, sections on silver care, cleaning silver, the creative process, and restoration and conservation.

Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG)
The organization for jewelers, designers, and metal smiths. Visit their resource central for professional information on a wide variety of topics related to metal art, sculpture, and crafting.