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Dollar Bill Folding Fun!
Arts & Crafts : Traditional Origami Japanese Art of Paper Folding

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Traditional Japanese Paper Folding Art

Origami is a paper folding art originating from Japan that uses a small square of origami rice paper to create awesome folded paper sculptures of animals, nature, and objects.

In addition to traditional origami there are several other variations of this art you can explore on the Creativity Portal: architecture, modular, money, and fabric origami. The origami resources featured in this section offer free learning through tips and techniques, step-by-step models, downloadable diagrams, and other useful origami learning information.

Traditional Origami Sources

Joseph Wu's Origami
A highly-recommended resource for learning origami. Features articles about origami and its history, paper and preparation, and folding techniques. Has downloadable diagrams for many models and an impressive gallery of Joseph's work.

K's Origami
A site devoted to the art of paper folding. Features an animated studio, folding gallery, and fractional library with origami essays. Step-by-step folding instructions include: a jumping frog, Orizuru (crane), bear, Cheshire cat, bird, sunfish, panda, dragon, and ponytail pony.

All Oriland: Origami Galore!
"Oriland is the biggest, newest, and most imaginative paper world ever. This is a place where you can dream with your eyes open." Features an extensive learning center with origami-related articles and lectures; practical lessons; symbol keys; base folds; animated origami symbols; useful tips; and practical lessons.

Bay Area Rapid Folders (BARF)
Jeremy Shafer's site contains a cornucopia of free diagrams for odd and amusing projects you can download and fold. Site features action models from his book: baby bird, frog's tongue, and Venus flytrap. Other models you'll find include: snail mail, magic carpet, playing the cards, crane hat, Jester's hat, flasher, jack-o-lantern, dollar bill Enterprise, bouncing spider, space shuttle, girl in a dress, baby on bed, clown nose, and paper cutter.

Tammy Yee's Origami
Paper folding activities and coloring, puzzles, games, and crafts for kids. Features a section on origami and keiki that includes instructional how-to information for creating mice and over two dozen origami projects covering nature, holidays, and multicultural themes.

British Origami Society
"A group devoted to the art of paper-folding. We have over 700 members worldwide and publish a bi-monthly magazine." Features an assortment of unique origami-themed novelty items including the amusing Origag comic strip, artful e-cards, puzzles, jokes, specialty diagrams, and models.

Envelope and Letter Folding
"Hand folding letters and envelopes is one of those rare intersections of decoration and practicality, where paper folding produces the satisfaction of making something useful and novel." Learn about the history of folding, and test your skills with a variety of letter and envelope projects illustrated through this site.

Diagrams for Download on Origami USA
"A not-for-profit, tax exempt educational and cultural arts organization which is dedicated to the sharing of paper folding in America and around the world." Features an online model index, a fun stuff section, articles, and other origami resources.

Origami Artist Paul Jackson
Features the work of an artist who divides his time between traditional paper folding techniques in the media, design, and education; and the creative exposition of the techniques in fine art practice. Covers: Model making commissions for print; fine art folded paper sculptures; project work by art and design students; packaging and paper engineering; and origami diagrams.

Updated 7/3/15