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Dollar Bill Folding Fun!
Traditional Origami Japanese Art of Paper Folding : Page 2

More-igami Diagrams, Videos, Printable Models Freesources!

Explore more traditional origami resources from the selection of Web sites below. These hand selected sites feature origami tips and tricks, free model downloads, YouTube videos, product reviews, and other how-to instructional origami and paper model folding information.

Origami CranesJoost Langeveld's Origami Web Site
A resourceful Web site for learning how to fold origami flowers and animals. Features step-by-step instructional diagrams and YouTube videos plus free printable origami paper patterns, instructions on how to make origami paper, and a selection of unique postcards to print featuring one-of-a-kind origami flower bouquets.

Janina Weinand's Origami World
Original origami models by Janina Weinand. Site includes free diagrams and folding instruction, origami screensavers, galleries, news, and book resources.

Jasper's Origami
Features photo links to over 40 origami model diagrams ranging from simple to complex. Includes: pirate, heart, jumping frog, egg crate, panda, puffin, sloth, seahorse, Nessie, owl, horseshoe crab, dragon, four leaf clover, running rabbit, cherry blossom, rose, Eeyore, and praying mantis.

Robert J. Lang Origami
The official site of renowned origami artist Robert J. Lang. Contains over 100 photographs of Lang's origami compositions, as well as articles and links about origami, its relation to mathematics, science, and engineering, and applications of origami to technologies ranging from airbags to space telescopes.

Gilad's Origami
Features origami photo galleries, book reviews, and unusual diagrams you can download and fold including a Coke pop (soda) bottle, singing fish, donkey, heart of a clown, and crying baby mouths.

Tina's Origami
Features a list of origami errata and hints, a gallery of models with diagram how-to resources, a small collection of how-to hints and tips, and a blog from an origami enthusiast.

Modular and Architecture Origami

Modular origami spotlights mathematical-based paper folding models such as polyhedrons and tetrahedrons. Origami Architecture is reminiscent of paper cut and fold designs in pop-up books and lends itself well to origami "sculpture" and artistic designs. Explore both of these creative worlds of paper folding, cutting, and design from the following resources.

Modular Origami Mania
Web site of Meenakshi Mukerji, author of "Marvelous Modular Origami" features an array of modular origami models, folding diagrams, and picture galleries. Categories include: Dodecahedra, Florals, Planars, Sonobes, eSonobes, Windmill & Blintz Base Models, and Cubes.

Jim Plank's Modular Origami
Features directions for several modular origami models including polyhedrons with the penultimate module, compound of five tetrahedrons, greater / lesser stellated dodecahedrons, and a compound of twelve dodecahedrons.

Origami Step-by-Step
A Portuguese Web site where you will find step-by-step instructions to fold different kinds of models, from traditional to modular origami, boxes and animated models.

Updated 7/3/15