Art of the Song

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Art of the Song

We All Have a Song to Sing

We hope to inspire you to sing your song.

By John Dillon | Posted June 1, 2006 | Updated October 20, 2019

"We all have a song to sing and we hope this program inspires you to sing yours." That's the tagline that you hear at the end of every Art of the Song episode. "So what if I'm not a singer, or I don't feel drawn to playing an instrument?" you may ask. Well, I'm here to tell you that that's perfectly ok.

What we really mean is that everyone has a creative gift to share with the world… it could be musical… it could be artistic… or it could have to do with a service or a product that you bring to the world. Or, it could be just slightly changing your attitude so that you live your whole life as a "song" or a work of art.

We'd like to expand the definition of the word song. Let's look at "song" as a metaphor for whatever you feel drawn to do as creative expression. When you listen to our featured guests on Art of the Song, or when you hear Song Analyst Michael Shorr talking about song structure or rhyme, try thinking of what you hear in terms of, "How can I apply these ideas to my own particular creative gift, or maybe to life in general?" Many of the ideas and techniques discussed here can be applied in other areas.

Next question: "What if I don't know what my creative gift is?" Well, there are a number of good books available on the subject (including The Purpose of Your Life by Carol Adrienne), but an easy way to start is to look at what activities bring you joy. What do you absolutely love to do? Another question that some recommend is asking yourself what you would do with your life if money were no object, and you could do whatever you wanted. The answers to these questions may provide some clues.

Whatever you find, the important thing is to start… get going… do it! You will be guided down your own unique creative path, and answers will be revealed along the way. Dave Storer in his essay Creativity is your Birthright says, "We are all born with incredible creative abilities, and few things in life make us happier than fully engaging in those abilities." In addition to happiness, you'll have the satisfaction of sharing your creative gift with the world.

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