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Optical illusion
expanding blue flowers courtesy of Big Stock Photo
Gina Quarles : Optical Illusions and Nature Prompt Creativity

Healing Through Creativity

Optical Illusions, Changes in Nature Prompt Creativity

By Gina Quarles

Optical illusions, along with changes in nature, can have a powerful impact on your creativity. I love art. I love many forms of art. Many of them can be found in nature's backyard. I have an extreme appreciation for optical illusions. I have found that when I look at them and begin to see several objects that are located within them, my mind is more open to seeing things on a deeper level. There are many optical illusions out there online (and here on Creativity Portal) to play with to get those creative parts of you moving.

Over the holidays we were given the gift of snow. When you see a snowflake, what do you see? Do you see a design or just snow? If you observe carefully, you will notice each and every one is unique in its individual shape and form. This opens my mind to the natural beauty that continually surrounds us. Snowflakes are only one example. After they have fallen, they suddenly change into a beautiful blanket that begins to cover our familiar landscape into a completely different one. A child has a natural curiosity to go out in it and make designs, as in a snow angel. You can see the appreciation in their faces after they have gotten up and view their design.

During the fall, we can notice leaves changing colors right before our eyes. The colors are from yellows and golds, to the most beautiful shades of orange and red alike. Nature's color wheel is displayed right before our very own eyes. The colors once again year after year are transforming our familiar surroundings to a richer and more colorful one. They are there for all of us to take in and savor. Taking time to notice nature alone can shift your thinking into a more calmer state of being. When we reach this state, we begin to slow down and open ourselves to newer possibilities that are all around us. What we do with that is our choice.

Textures and colors alike, begin to build images in my mind that can spark an idea for a painting or even a story. Poetry can be a wonderful way to put these images and thoughts from pen to paper. The words along with the description make art right there in itself. I then can stop or continue on with another idea. An abstract piece of art is one form I can envision. The key is in capturing the moments. Pull out a camera if you fear you cannot keep the images and or ideas in that moment. The most important part is using what nature gives you to create a beautiful piece.

Some of these ideas can help non-writers want to write. It can help people who fear they cannot draw or paint think about doing so. The best part of any art form is that art is forgiving. Art is whatever you claim it to be. It is your piece and no one knows it better than you. If you visit museums and contemplate what the artist was trying to convey, you will know exactly what I am referring to. Some of our best-known artists that have come, gone and remain are known for their own special style. As in the famous Vincent Van Gogh in his unique painting strokes and lines. Others, like Dale Chihuly with his breathtaking glass pieces and works.

Whatever medium you chose to use, it can be used with an entirely different expression. The mediums are endless. There are artists who strictly use recycled pieces of metals and the like from old places such as run-down junkyards! It does not require expensive art supplies if you are able to pay attention, Really begin to embrace taking in your environment and surroundings and there are your supplies. What ever you begin to create, know it can always be changed to what your are trying to achieve with art. That is what is so freeing with dabbling in art. You are free to create and express whatever it is your mind conceives it to be. It can be hidden or obvious. It is a personal journey and you are in charge as the creator.

We make our world a more colorful and beautiful place by contributing our gifts to all to enjoy. What you create others can benefit from as well. In return, your piece can spark an idea in others to create and so forth. When we, as a community can encourage and inspire others with our pieces, we are sharing and enhancing others gifts as well. How awesome is that? We may not think of it at the time, but that is what we are doing without realizing it at that moment How many time as artists have we used an object or a design as a platform for our work? I know I have. When I do a sketch, it is usually from something that someone has made or created. I add my own unique touch and style to it, but I know where it was birthed and originated from.

So, in closing, never feel as if you have run out of fresh ideas. There are many right before our eyes. We only have to settle ourselves and get quiet to notice them. They are yours for the taking. Be an observer. Engage all of your senses. It will come to you and you wont want to stop. Then sit back and relish in your beautiful piece. •

© 2013 Gina Quarles. All rights reserved.

Gina QuarlesGina Quarles is a mom, wife and a creative soul who is passionate about the art of writing. She's currently recovering from a near-death auto accident and working on a book, which is an outlet for her healing. She encourages others along the way through kindness and hope. More »