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Gina Quarles : Change It Up a Bit

Healing Through Creativity

‘Change It Up a Bit’

Creatively stuck? Change your space, get inspired, and illuminate new views.

By Gina Quarles

There are many times when I go to work on a project, I find myself overwhelmed and I do not know where to begin. I usually walk away from it, go back with a sigh, pace, pace some more and try to escape the dreaded procrastination that can so easily creep in.

I despise this problem, because it inhibits my creativity on an extremely annoying level. I have trouble focusing on the issue at hand. If I mentally stop and pause for a minute, I usually find I am in a boring routine or rut. Recently, I tried doing some of my more routine habits in a new way.

One of the little tricks I like to play on my brain and to “change it up a bit”, is to move my work space to different area. I will move it near a window with a different view. I can move it to another room. I can even move it outside it I want to. That one is always a goody for me!

By moving or changing my work space, I have created new surroundings for myself. All of a sudden and at once, I begin to notice new things. This leads me to capturing some necessary and new thoughts. It also leads me to some fresh ideas of what I once thought was only ordinary to actually end up being extraordinary. Then the magic begins to unfold. A new idea or way of approaching a thought begins to emerge!

One of my favorite past times is just paying attention to all of the new inspirations that do surface from my new location. Many of these awakenings that I make time for, some may view as being nonproductive or as a big waste of time. It is quite the opposite. I find when I practice this, I get a new and fresh perspective on ideas that were once lifeless and or expired.

I have noticed a piece that I may have written a while ago, suddenly the words begin to change and or bounce off of the page. No joke! I then have been presented with the gift of a new thought or piece to write about. It all spawned from changing my own work location and environment. Maybe that does not excite you, but for myself, I am always on the lookout for new ideas to give birth to form.

If you want even more of a change of routine, go for a walk. Not just any walk, but a new place or area you have not explored before. Of course, have your notebook and something to write and or draw with in hand. Take note of your surroundings. The colors, the sounds, the smells, and what are you hearing? If anything at all?

Are there buildings and skyscrapers present or nature’s untraveled landscape? Take it all in. Describe it in detail and jot it down your notebook. Talk to people if there are any in your travels and if you feel comfortable doing so. Even if it is a simple, “hello” or a smile it is worth it. You could just make someone’s day! You would be surprised the emotions it evokes. The positive vibrations you are sending out into the universe for all of us to benefit from are endless.

Even if you feel your ideas are incomplete and do not make much sense at the time, jot them down anyway. I do not mean to repeat myself but please, keep a notebook at all times. Every time you “change it up a bit” add to it. You would be surprised when you go back to look at your notebook, when you least expect it, you can bet, there will be a new foundation for you to build upon. All artists, regardless which medium they thrive on using, can always use some new inspiration. That is truly what makes all of us creative beings make the interesting art for others to inhale deeply and greatly appreciate. Life would be oh so boring without new art to always be thankful for or to behold. •

© 2012 Gina Quarles. All rights reserved.

Gina QuarlesGina Quarles is a mom, wife and a creative soul who is passionate about the art of writing. She's currently recovering from a near-death auto accident and working on a book, which is an outlet for her healing. She encourages others along the way through kindness and hope. More »