What to Do With Change and Losses

Transforming Loss and Change into Gift and Opportunity

By SARK | Updated April 7, 2018

GladThis article is excerpted from the book Glad No Matter What: Transforming Loss and Change into Gift and Opportunity ©2010 by SARK. Printed with permission of

Practice allowing and transforming them.

Remember that healing and change happen in spirals and layers.

See if you can open your heart and arms to whatever changes happen and losses occur. I know that I tend to lay a template of the past onto the present and feel upset when "things are not the same."

What To Do With Change and LossesThen I start comparing what used to be to what is not even known yet and forget to relax and just open myself to

Something Different.

Life presents us with so many chances to practice, because it's constantly changing.

The opposite of loss is not gain, it is . . . Found.

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Why It's Important to Feel Our Feelings

And what to do with them.

Why It's Important to Feel Our Feelings

Our feelings are with us all day, every day, in every moment, yet many of us are often unaware of how we feel.

We judge, deny, hide, repress, invalidate, minimize, or try to change how we actually feel, in order to "feel better."

Or we love how we feel and try to cling to those feelings to "make them last," and get more of those "good" feelings.

Feelings themselves don't care about any of this — they just keep on feeling, no matter what else is happening, or how we might be trying to shape or control them.

If we don't allow ourselves to feel or express our emotions, they will get larger or louder or may go into our bodies and present themselves as some kind of physical condition.

Feelings are meant to be in motion. e•motion. Feelings are made to be expressed. You've probably heard: "If you can feel it, you can heal it." And this is true — yet many try to stop feeling before the healing takes place, especially if it seems like a bad or difficult feeling.

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