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Gateways Coaching for Arts Professionals
Creativity Coaching : Barbara Bowen

Spotlight On Barbara Bowen

Gateways Coaching for Artists and Creative Professionals

Barbara Bowen I am a New York based professional writer/photographer, and founder of Gateways Coaching. I coach artists and other art career professionals in transition worldwide: designers, photographers, artists, architects, ad creatives, journalists & authors, media professionals, performers and others in fields involved with creativity.

At various stages of career growth, creative professionals encounter unique obstacles, on the outer or inner levels, or both. Gateways Coaching for Artists and Creative Professionals helps clients to clarify the inner obstacles to momentum, and/or the outer obstacles to career growth. As they gain more clarification, the cobwebs of confusion are lifted. They begin to undertake sensible new risks that renew momentum toward their art career goals. Action is the key to movement, and Gateways Art Career and Creativity Coaching is designed to support it. Learn about standard and targeted coaching, writing services, complimentary consultations, and Join Gateways Action Updates for your FREE PODCAST on the creative process here: Meet remarkable, creative agents of global change at my blog:

Creativity Articles by Barbara Bowen

Creativity Coaching Snapshots Series
By Barbara Bowen
Each inspirational "Snapshot" article addresses one aspect of your creativity or art career.

Creativity: Discipline or Willingness?
By Barbara Bowen
When it comes to creativity, the word discipline can present problems for our art career.

Creativity and Spirituality
By Barbara Bowen
Creativity is often misunderstood to be an act of the ego and intellect. In truth, the Creative Process is fundamentally a spiritual one.

Tempering the Inner Critic
By Barbara Bowen
When it comes to Creativity, the Creative Voice is infinitely more powerful than the Critical Voice.

Carl Jung and Gateways Themes
By Barbara Bowen
Gateways Coaching themes integrate understandings from the mythologist Joseph Campbell and various spiritual traditions and teachers.