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Effective Performance Under Pressure

By Barbara Bowen | Updated June 14, 2018

Artist career support involves the inner level of creating as well as the outer level of marketing. The inner level is key during times of stress. There is no point in struggling with thoughts that rush in during these times. Thoughts themselves are not the issue. The issue is how we choose to process them. Here are some artist support reminders for improving performance under pressure:


If thoughts entering your mind contain ideas of what you do not want, allow them. But remember their purpose: to help you shift your attention to what you do want to achieve. This shifting process is creative and useful.

Sort and Clarify

Be sure that the sorting process leads you to build a vision you feel strongly and/or passionate about.

Set Goals

Set clear goals, based upon your vision. Place one-pointed attention and emotional energy into the goals you want to achieve.

Process Feelings

Acknowledge feelings of stress and anxiety as they arise, but process them and let them go as soon as you can. Strive to feel and to express happiness now, while you work to create the future vision. Happiness attracts into life more things to be happy about. Support for artists is ultimately about creating more satisfaction through all phases of your career.

Be Prepared

Do your research; reach out to others whom you admire, and find out what you need to know. Opportunity favors the prepared mind.


Obstacles are simply another test. They serve a purpose, though we often can't see it clearly until later. Arise to the occasion and keep going. Keep building confidence. Each action taken leads to either a success or a learning opportunity, and both lead to increased confidence. Remember, confidence is not arrogance. Confidence improves your life while serving others.

Act on Plans

Based on the Chinese Proverb: Our thoughts lead to actions, consistent actions lead to habits, habits develop character, character leads to destiny. Artist support can help you through each step.

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