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Writing: Love of the Craft
Creativity Coaching : David Duggins

Spotlight On David Duggins

Author, Creativity Coach, and Writing Mentor

David DugginsDave Duggins is an experienced, professionally published short story author. He's a writer, like you — in the trenches, bashing out pages, living and working as you do. He's the editor behind the colorful and melodramatic covers of Spacesuits and Sixguns, a contemporary pulp fiction magazine. And he's rounded out a 20-year career in the US Air Force, where he's spent the past 15 years learning effective mentoring and leadership techniques as only the military can teach them.

Nowadays Dave balances freelance work with a full-time job as a technical writer for a software company and blogs at, where you'll find plenty of writing encouragement and advice.

To this unique blend of practical skills add enthusiasm, a nurturing mentality, love of the craft, respect and admiration for its practitioners in all their many guises, and unrelenting positivity. All that's missing from the equation is you.

Writing & Creativity with David Duggins

Love of the Craft Q & A Archives
By David Duggins
Read Dave's answers to reader's submitted writing and publishing questions and let him inspire your writing life towards new heights.

Creative Careers Interview with David Duggins
By Molly Anderson-Childers
Learn more about Dave in this exclusive Creativity Portal interview as he discusses his roles as a writing coach, CEO of Voidgunner Press and the publisher and editor of the online magazine, Spacesuits and Sixguns.

Making a Living as a Computer Software Game Artist
By David Duggins
Interview with Daniel Dociu of ArenaNet on the creative process and making a living as an artist.