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Orna Ross -
Creativity Coaching : Orna Ross

Spotlight On: Orna Ross

Exploring Creative Intelligence and Writing

Orna RossOrna Ross is a novelist and creative nonfiction writer. She spent most of her adult life in Dublin, Ireland, where she freelanced for a wide variety of Irish and UK newspapers and magazines, and taught creative principles, writing and freewriting to disparate groups — from addicts in recovery with poor literacy skills to MA students. She founded Font Literary Agency & Writing Centre in Dublin in 2003 and supported many Font students and other writers to creative and publishing success. A serious illness in 2008 led to a re-evaluation of life and she now lives in London where she is at work on a new novel and a memoir, as well as blogging and speaking to groups about Creative Intelligence. Her most recent publication is a novel, A Dance in Time (Penguin 2009). Her website is

Creativity & Writing Articles by Orna Ross

The 7 Stages of The Creative Process Series Intro
By Orna Ross
We will be looking in detail at the seven stages of the process, the behaviours and disciplines appropriate to each and some exercises to take you happily through them.

Conventional Intelligence Versus Creative Intelligence
By Orna Ross
Conventional intelligence is mental, rational and analytical; creative intelligence is all that but also imaginative, inventive and innovative.

You're Not Mad, You're Creative
By Orna Ross
15 Questions: Are You Highly Creative? Use the questions to examine more deeply how you have experienced this ability in your life, particularly when you have experienced it as a liability.

Creatives: Transform or Perish
By Orna Ross
The writing world is in the midst of a revolution. Not just a little different, not just email enabled, or website marketed — but permanently transformed.

Note to Beginner Writers
By Orna Ross
New writers must first learn what it means to love writing for itself before all else. If you want to be a writer, not just a hack, you've got to make writing top of your heap.

On Creativity & 8 Habits of The Creatively Intelligent
By Orna Ross
We'd all be more creative if we paid less attention to the surfaces, our doings and achievements, our ambitions and desires; and more attention to the depths, the hidden forces and faculties that lie within ourselves and others.

F-R-E-E-Writing Tutorial
By Orna Ross
F-R-E-E-Writing is very simple. Its basic requirement is that you write as fast as you can, either randomly or on a specific topic. You write the first thoughts that come to your head.