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Free Digital Photos: Categories

Free Web-ready photos you can use for art and writing prompts, digital presentations, or to share on your Web site, blog, or Facebook.

Terms of Photo Use:

You may download any of these low-resolution digital Web-ready photos to your hard drive and use/upload them as-is, without alteration, to your Web site, electronic presentation (Power Point, Flash, online slide show), blog, print publication, newsletter, social network, etc., with attribution preserved on image as shown: "Free photo courtesy" Should you find the need to alter a photo (such as through cropping or using as an element in another work), source attribution to Creativity Portal should also be made. You may not link directly to these images on this Web site.

If you use any of these photos in your creative projects, a link to Creativity Portal is appreciated, but not required. All photos are copyright © Chris Dunmire.

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Alpaca Photos [2]


Blackbird Photos


Baby Rabbit Photos