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Collage Cubies: Innovative Collage Art by Chris Dunmire
Collage Cubies : Folding Flat Collage into 3D Cubie

Collage Cubies Project Guide:

  1. Collage Cubies Introduction
  2. Project Overview
  3. Preparing and Collaging Cubie Template
  4. Folding Flat Collage into 3D Cubie
  5. BONUS Collage Cubies Creativity
  6. Print Cubie Templates: 8.5 x11" | 11x17"

Folded Cubies

Folding Flat Collage into 3D Cubie

By Chris Dunmire

The Magic of Cubing your Collage Composition

Put on your paper model engineering hat! We're now going to take your finished flat collage and turn it into the inevitable 3D Collage Cubie! You just may have to be a little patient with this process to get your folds just right, but in the end it will be well worth it!

Step 1: Prefold scored die-lines.

Step 1: With the collage facing down (die-lines up), slightly pre-fold the box sides where you originally scored them. Then apply a generous piece of double-sided tape to the 'collage side' of all five tabs.

Step 2: Secure first two box tabs.

Step 2: Bring up the sides of the box and secure the first two tabs to the inner walls as illustrated. Carefully align the sides before sticking things together.

Step 3: Secure next two box tabs.

Step 3: Ready the second set of tabs (seen at the top) by folding them flat. Secure the "top" of the box onto the taped tabs.

Step 4: Secure last tab.

Step 4: Repeat the above with the last single tab and the remaining box side.

Got it all 'squared' away? Your Collage Cubie is finished!

Finished Collage Cubie

Step 5: You've worked hard! Take a few minutes to look over and enjoy your piece of new, innovative artwork! Wasn't that fun? What will you do differently next time? You're not feeling like a bit of a square, are you? Move on to the BONUS FUN!

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