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Artwork by Shelley Klammer
Shelley Klammer : Larger Creative Life Patterns

Larger Creative Life Patterns

By Shelley Klammer

Stepping Outside of Our "Me" World

There is a greater Creative Intelligence that is trying to communicate with us all of the time. It exists in the present moment but most of us rarely live there. Most of us are utterly preoccupied with our personal "me" world — to the point of largely tuning out the "larger impress."

For a time in our lives the larger intelligence of life is indeed too vast to consider, and we need to focus on building a strong personal self — a self that can fully function in our challenging world. If we choose to do our inner work however, it does become a possibility to open up to the mythic higher self — replete with insights, intuitions and larger visions and plans for our life.

Meeting our own personal psychology and getting to know it intimately "earns" us the eventual possibility of stepping outside of it. As I said recently to my new friend Julie, "We have to face our inner fears, before we can powerfully and effectively do our life's work."

But for a time our inner work takes us deeply into our personal "me" world of defensive reactions, destructive emotional patterns and fearful stories. We as human beings go through a period of self-involvement where we are consumed with our own psychology. "Me" can feel like it is the only thing that exists as we grapple with our own flavor of vulnerability. If we do not open up to our vulnerability and step into faith and trust we can pursue the goal of "trying to feel better about ourselves" — on a psychological level — sometimes for a lifetime.

I have been blessed to have received some higher "impresses" in my life. Most notably in the past they came through when I was in crisis mode — when my everyday psyche was set aside due to grief, loss and sudden change. I had some openings about my life direction around the death of several my family members. When I was in crisis mode, the larger visions and purposes for my life came through mythic dreams and through my art-making. Some of the mythic and spontaneous paintings that I did 12 years ago are only now making sense to me.

I found my conditioned thinking came back full-force however when my life normalized again. The last 12 years have been a process of "unguarding myself." It has been a peeling back the onion of my defense system so that I can touch more regularly into "the larger life." Perhaps because I have been blessed with some powerful key spiritual openings in my life, I have felt determined to unravel my psyche. I have tasted states of grace and freedom of wide open and inspired being and have longed to get touch them again.

After much inner work, at some point we may get to the point where we have unraveled our psychological stories, our family histories and our personal patterns — so much so that we can step outside of them and no longer feel so intensely embroiled in them. There does come a time when our core negative beliefs no longer rule our emotions and energies. We can learn how to meet our core vulnerabilities and we know that whatever arises within us we will turn towards it with courage and faith — instead of projecting it "out there." We become able to hold even the most difficult feelings within without disturbing our outer world.

Michael A. Singer says it so well, "The truth is everything will be okay as soon as you are okay with everything. And that is the only time everything will be okay!"

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