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Dollar Bill Origami Money Plant Project e-Book: to download project e-book click here
Origami : Dollar Bill Money Origami Folding

Learn How to Fold Dollar Bills into FUN MONEY Origami

Folding dollar bills into innovative paper models is a fun hobby for both origami and paper model folding enthusiasts. You'll be surprised at how many things you can make out of a single dollar or multiple bills together: plants, butterflies, arrows, shirts, rings, pants, spiders, boots, glasses, and much more!

Dollar Bill Origami Money Plant e-Book
Origami Money Plant Project Book »
Chris Dunmire's original Dollar Bill Origami Money Plant project is now available in an instant download/print e-book format.

You can get in on some of this funny money origami folding fun by checking out some of the following resources featuring learning instructions on folding dollar bills into shirts, butterflies, rings, shamrocks, hearts, and Chris Dunmire's famous Dollar Bill Origami Money Plant Gift Tree.

Q & A: Money Origami Flower Corsages

Q: I just wanted to tell you that I love the Money Plant on your site and that I plan on making it, but I would also like to know if you have any instructions for making Money Corsages?

A: Thank you for your compliments on our Novelty Money Plant project. Many people have a lot of fun making it and enjoy using it for gifting occasions when money 'is the best gift of all.'

Regarding Money Corsages, we don't currently have instructions on our site for them, BUT you can check out the below Money Origami Web site resources to see if they have any corsage or carnation flower model instructions

Additionally, check out Creativity Portal's Traditional Origami section to see if any other Web sites have flower models (such as carnations or roses) that you can fashion your dollar bills after to craft your own corsage.

Money Origami Folding Project Resources

Origami Money Plant Tree Project e-Book
Design your own version of Chris Dunmire's original 'Cashius monetarius' Dollar Bill Origami Money Plant project complete with the fake novelty Money Plant Seed Packet with this exclusive instructional step-by-step project e-book.

Origami ShirtTutorial: Origami Gum Wrapper Shirt & Pants Set
A step-by-step tutorial for folding the comic wrapper from Bazooka bubble gum into a nifty little shirt and pants set. Apply the same step-by-step tutorial for folding a dollar bill into a dress shirt with a collar.