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Writing Articles : Publishing

Publishing & Marketing Articles

You've got a great idea for a book, or want to write something that will get published somewhere. Now what?

Although technology has made it possible for anyone to self-publish their own books and e-books, such ventures should be approached with solid writing skills and a good grasp on marketing concepts and the publishing industry. This also applies to traditional publishing, where stricter standards must be met in order for your work to be seen by the people who make the big decisions.

Publishing Articles

Your Book's Bottom Line
This 4-part series by author Deb Simpson addresses business and publishing costs that impact your book's success and bottom line.

The Fine Print Self-Publishing Series
By Mark Levine
Learn about traditional publishing, self-publishing options, and an author's rights when working with a publisher.

Chapbooks Create Publishing Opportunities: Five Strategies to Success
By Marilyn Zembo Day
How do you get your words out there, given the cumbersome, time-consuming submissions process in today's publishing world?

Entrepreneurial Writers: Consider eBooks
By Chris Willitts
The radical idea of dividing and packaging your big book into smaller ebooks.

Winning Book Proposals: Five Secrets
By Melissa A. Rosati
Know how to respond to the five typical questions agents will ask you in their submission guidelines.

7 Steps to Successful Publishing
By Ink Tree Ltd.
The seven most important steps you need to know before publishing your book.

Key Differences Between Publishing and Self Publishing
By Ink Tree Ltd.
The decisions you make about how to have your book published can have a huge impact on the success, or the failure, of your book.

Do writers really need to have their work edited?
By Tracy Habenicht
Should a writer submit his or her work to an editor before sending it to a publisher?

Slice of Life / Essays

On Being a Published Freelance Writer
By Mimi Greenwood Knight
Essays on what life is like for one published freelance writer.

Why We Don't Write Our Books
By Suzanne Falter-Barnes
Some writers aren't sure that they want the pressure of being an author.

How to get your writings out there
By Michele Batz
I am passionate for writing about fitness. Here's how I got my writings out there.

Updated 1/7/14