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Hiking Trail with Snow in January
Writing Prompts : January — Do You Feed or Starve Cabin Fever?

January Photo Inspiration Writing Prompts

Do You Feed or Starve Cabin Fever?

Winter restlessness, snowy hiking, and gratefully moving pent-up energy.

By Chris Dunmire

Do winter months make you restless with cabin fever? They do me. At my wits end last Saturday I bundled up for a winter hike (at 20° F) on a snow-lined trail near a lake. The sun was shining, the sky was crisp blue, and the lake was frozen over with artful ice formations around the edges. I walked for an hour, bracing myself against the wind, constantly monitoring my body temperature — especially my toes layered in extra-thick socks inside my boots.

I knew the fever left me about midway through when I suddenly felt a rush of joy coursing through me. I felt engaged, happy to be outside connected to nature, witnessing its frozen wonders, moving the pent-up energy that made me so restless. The change of scenery, the change in temperature, and the physical demands on my body shifted everything.

If you need to move some pent-up energy this month, consider engaging in an outdoor activity — even a simple walk around the block. It may do wonders for you.

January Writing Prompts:

When the holidays are over...

Taking down Christmas decorations...

A brand new year! I get to...

If this were my last year, I'd...

My greatest accomplishments last year are...

Where I live, winter is...

I like/don't like January because...

My New Year Resolutions are...

In six months I hope to...

Starter Topics: New beginnings, new year resolutions, cabin fever, winter blues, snow, ice, freezing temperatures, shoveling snow, winter driving, sledding, ice skating, skiing, being inside, being outside. •

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