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Reflect and Write by Hank Kellner
Hank Kellner : Reflect & Write Series

Poems & Photos Inspire Writing

A 12-Part Series with Pieces for Students to Reflect & Write

Hank KellnerA retired associate professor of English at the high school and community college levels, Hank Kellner is the co-author of Reflect and Write: 300 Poems and Photos to Inspire Writing and the author of Write What You See: 99 Photos To Inspire Writing. Both books are available at and elsewhere. Visit the author's blog Kellner and co-author Elizabeth Guy will contribute a portion of the royalties from book sales to The Wounded Warriors Project.

CherriesMetaphors Inspire Writing
By Hank Kellner
Poems To life, well-lived and Grandmother by Mara Dukats.

Cookie MonsterHumor Inspires Writing
By Hank Kellner
Poems A Salesman from Greer by Betty Bowman Not Me! by Brian Guido and The Pumpkin Sonnet by Cole Kim.

The Singing Bridge in Westport, ConnecticutRap as Poetry
By Hank Kellner
Poems Little Girl, Little Girl and Taunting Voices by Hillary Lockhart. Subjects: Bullying, Literacy.

The Singing Bridge in Westport, ConnecticutCrossing Bridges
By Hank Kellner
Poems The Bridge by Kym Sheehan and Bridge to Anywhere by Elizabeth V. Best.

Summer StormsWhere You're From
By Hank Kellner
A Work in Progress, Where I'm From; Getting Back to Nature.

Summer StormsNature's Dynamic Forms in Poetry and Prose
By Hank Kellner
Deafening Noise and Blinding Light, Summer Storms; Flower Power, Continuity.

Van GoghIsolation and Education: Two Themes that Inspire Writing
By Hank Kellner
The Sounds of Lonely Lives, Solitary Meaning; Who Was That Masked Man?, Lone Ranger.

Baby shoesThe Power of the Visual Evokes Meaningful Writing
By Hank Kellner
The Ties that Bind, Intimacy; Cold Hands — Warm Heart, A Snapshot Look.

Egg ShellsBlack and White Images Stimulate Discussion, Writing Creativity
By Hank Kellner
Cracked Eggs, White on White; The Color of Sadness, The Absence of Color.

Painting by MonetWriters Find Inspiration in Paintings by Claude Monet
By Hank Kellner
Look to the Masters, Impressions, A Bonanza for Teachers; Reflections on a Winter Painting.

Dog on doorGraphic Images Surround Us
By Hank Kellner
Sometimes I Skate, Skateboarding; An Unknown Dog, The Dog with No Name.

Edvard Munch's, 'The Scream' painting Why Do People Respond So Enthusiastically to Graphic Images?
By Hank Kellner
Fish as Inspiration; Inspiration from the Masters: Edvard Munch's The Scream.

Updated 1/31/14