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Tom Evans : Flavours of Thought: Recipes for Fresh Thinking Series

Flavours of Thought:
Recipes for Fresh Thinking

Flavours of Thought and Recipes for Fresh Thinking by Tom EvansThis series of articles and excerpts samples Flavours of Thought and Recipes for Fresh Thinking by Tom Evans. Learn more at and get a daily Flought for the Day on Facebook.

flought: noun
1. the flavour of a thought
2. the flow of a thought
3. a flood of thoughts
4. a flurry of thought
5. the fluency of our thoughts
6. the flourish of a thought
7. a fluorescence of thought —
    aka a light bulb moment

Recipes, Flavours, Floughts, and Anti-Floughts

The Power of a True Mind Map
By Tom Evans
What can happen through single words, connecting, branching, combining, and mapping.

Recipes 23 & 25: Purpose and Faith
By Tom Evans
What is our purpose? How to live in faith.

Recipe 18: Falling in Love
By Tom Evans
All love starts with self love. If there are any residues of self loathing, they will taint this recipe.

Recipe 12: Handling Guilt
By Tom Evans
Guilt can have the ability to debilitate and trip you up when things are going well.

Recipe 9: Falling Out of Love
By Tom Evans
Falling out of love is about transition and allowing cycles to come to their natural conclusion.

Recipe 5: Loss of Confidence
By Tom Evans
We all have to take knocks in our lives and it's not always easy to take them.

Recipes 4 & 6: Fear of the Unknown, Fear of Failure
By Tom Evans
Starting a new venture? Putting off today what you can do tomorrow?

Flavour 18: Composition
By Tom Evans
Sometimes what we need does not exist and we have to make it happen.

Flavour 11: Equilibrium
By Tom Evans
When you bring art to your science, you imbue it with beauty and balance.

Flavour 1: Perception
By Tom Evans
What is perception; how do you perceive?

Flavours of Thought Series Introduction
By Tom Evans
I wrote Flavours of Thought as an exploration of what is really happening in our heads in order to give a closer approximation to how it all really works.