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Author Spotlight

Imagineer Tom Evans: Creativity, Writing, Enlightement Series

Tom EvansTom Evans is a 21st century renaissance man. He is an author, poet, musician, authors' mentor and epublishing specialist. He is also a healer, hypnotherapist and karmic guide.

Tom has a degree in electronic engineering and his first career was in broadcast and Internet technology. It's perhaps no surprise that he has recently published many Kindle books and built several iPhone apps.

In his own writing, he specialises in taking the spiritually esoteric, or unknown and hidden, and making it exoteric which is known and understood. His strong scientific background and desire to simplify the complex runs through his work. Learn more at

Featured Creativity Series with Tom Evans

Tom Evans Interview

Tom discusses creativity and where inspiration comes from.

The Zone: How to Get In It and Stay In It

The Zone is a magical space where we are super creative and super productive.

Bending Space and Time / This We Know Series

How to think differently about space and time.

Flavours of Thought Series: Recipes for Fresh Thinking

An introduction and selected excerpts from Flavours of Thought: Recipes for Fresh Thinking.

Light Bulb Moments on Tap

Light Bulb Moments on Tap — Series Preamble

How to change the way you think so your mind works to your advantage and you are not a slave to your thoughts.

What Blocks Light Bulb Moments?

States of being, not limited to our state of mind, that stop light bulb moments in their tracks.

The Anatomy of a Light Bulb Moment

Characteristics of light bulb moments from ordinary thoughts as they affect our whole body and mind.

Moments of Light

A special mode of consciousness that turns on light bulb moments.

The Inspirational Breath

How to be more inspirational and experience more inspirations.

Left and Right Brain: Which Side Are You On?

The power in using Mind Mapping techniques.

The Goals of Learning

In order to achieve our dreams, we need to learn.

The Art & Science of Light Bulb Moments

The Devil on Your Shoulder

Whole brain, whole mind thinking.

Collective Thoughts

Tapping into the Collective Consciousness.

The Cascade of Creativity

The metaphorical Four Element creativity model.

The Enlightened Way To Clear Writer's Block

Getting In The Groove

The more you write, the better you get at it.

The Physicality Of Inspiration

Brain-processing, breathing, food for thought exercise.

Reader-Centric Writing

The ego can wreak creative havoc at a conscious mind level if it engages while you are writing.

Writing with Your Whole Mind

When you are writing in the zone, an amazing transformation in your physiology and neurology is taking place.