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Flavours of Thought : Recipes 23 & 25: Purpose and Faith

Purpose and Faith

Excerpted from Flavours of Thought: Recipes for Fresh Thinking by Tom Evans

Recipe 23: What is our purpose?

Excitation >> Isolation >> Discrimination

The best thing by far of living on the Earth is that it is one of the planets of free will. At the same time, everything we do is pre-ordained and pre-agreed. Discovery of why these two statements appear to be at odds yet are both true is part of the game we selected.

To find out why you are here, you have to put your head above the parapet, look around you and shout out to declare your presence. This of course has the embedded danger that you are visible for someone to take a pot shot at.

When you do this however, you find that everyone else is too busy doing the same to take that shot at you. The objectivity that ensues from this new position of isolation gives you the key.

You have a choice. You can either stay where you are in your ivory tower or go and meet your neighbours and ask them what they think about why they came to be.

Recipe 25: How to live in faith

Extension >> Cultivation >> Validation

Of course, the recipes thus far are easier for me to write than they are for you to cook. This recipe is designed to give you some elucidation as to why.

The issue with many schools of faith is that they represent someone else's idea of what it means. Not everyone comes here for the same learnings and with the same baggage.

Therefore, all gurus who claims they have "The Way" should be listened to with a pinch of salt.

Our job is to extend on current thinking and cultivate fresh thinking that works for us.

When you become luckier than you ever thought possible, this is all the validation you were seeking.

When you find out the answers, don't tell everyone. Just shine a light by way of example and leave a breadcrumb trail for others to follow at their own pace and time. •

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