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Flavours of Thought : Flavour 11: Equilibrium

Flavour 11: Equilibrium

Excerpted from Flavours of Thought: Recipes for Fresh Thinking by Tom Evans

A Master Chef has two main talents.

They know about all the possible flavours.

They also know in which perfect proportions to combine them with an innate sense of equilibrium.

Of course, their timing is exquisite too. The diners' courses will appear just as they would like them and all in the perfect proportions.

A Master Chef works with the seasons and with fresh produce. They cook hearty casseroles in mid-winter; they assemble the most delicately balanced summer salads on hot days.

Locally harvested, seasonal food arrives just when it is needed. Everything is fresh. There is no waste in this kitchen. Nobody goes home hungry; nobody is over-fed.

They are never too rushed and never too idle. Their kitchen runs like clockwork. Each member of the team knows what to do and exactly when to do it.

They wind up the coiled spring daily that drives their engine with just enough force to turn until last service.

The best chefs don't have to raise their voice; their mere presence and heightened awareness are doing all the work.


Equilibrium is the perfect mix of both science and art.

Your left hemisphere is predisposed to detail and manifestation in the physical world and your right to the holistic view of everywhere and 'every-when' else.

When you bring art to your science, you imbue it with beauty and balance.

When you are scientifically art-full, you transcend accepted world views.

From the resulting position of equilibrium, you become naturally poised for greatness.

Equilibrium is about judicious combination of all the flavours.

The best chefs have an innate sense of which ingredients go well together to create a gastronomic delight. They also know exactly when in the cooking process to introduce them.

It is always easier to add an ingredient than take one out. Less being more is the order of the day.

Perfect equilibrium is easy to maintain once achieved.

It is harder to unlearn to ride a bike than to learn to ride it. In the same way, once your world in is balance, it has the tendency to gyroscopically stay that way.

Just for today, take your stabilisers off and see what happens.

Let equilibrium come to you.

Equilibrium is both the sweetest and most charming of all the flavours.

Equilibrium is not just about balance. It is about balance being in balance. You become unflappable, unstoppable and un-wobble-able.

Everything is in flow. You become Just in Time and Just in Space.

The world again becomes wonder-full.


There is no anti-equilibrium. Anything that disturbs equilibrium will put you off balance.

Maintaining balance is as easy as riding a bike.

Explaining how to ride that bike, however, is impossible.

You will only know you are doing it properly when you are confident enough to lose the stabilisers.

Losing the stabilisers

Where could you do with some more balance?

What does balance mean to you?

What is currently tilting the see-saw of your life?

What could you do to bring it back to level? •

Tom Evans Renaissance Man and Imagineer Tom Evans is the author of four books and counting about creativity. More »