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Happy Halloween!
Fall / Autumn Arts & Crafts : Halloween Fun Projects

Free Spooktacular Halloween Fun

Halloween Arts & Crafts, Projects, Puzzles & Stories!

See also: Pumpkin Carving

Spooky Story BOO! Book Free Halloween ProjectCreative creatures, take note! The October 31 Halloween holiday isn't ONLY about dressing up in creative costumes, decorating your house with spooky things for Halloween Parties, carving scary pumpkins, and trick-or-treating for candy. No, some claim that Halloween is the unofficial Beginning of Christmas and the sanctioned "start" of indoor and outdoor decorating and creative fun. (Don't forget the scary and spooky Halloween stories!)

Yes, Halloween marks the beginning of three full months to play with the holidays, express yourself, and transform your environment at work, school, and home unihibitedly with nature's gifts and big box store riffs and enjoy creative bliss!

To get in the spirit of things, Creativity Portal offers a bag of candied treats in the way of craft project ideas, printable projects, coloring pages, and Halloween articles. And if we don't have something spooktacular that you're looking for, check out some of the other online resources we've listed for more Halloween art and craft projects, tricks, and treats!

Halloween Projects

Scare-rots Scary Carrots! Scare-rots Fun Fake Halloween Seed Packet
What happens when your garden carrots come out all creepy? You got SCARE-rots! Here's another creative fun print 'n' prank seed packet joke by Chris Dunmire. Free to download and assemble now!

FREE Pumpkin Carving Templates for the Nit Wits PUNKin
Nit Wits Punkin Pumpkin Carving TemplatesLooking for some rebellious pumpkin carving creativity this Halloween? Try the Nit Wits PUNKin! These printable carving design templates pin right on your gourd and include instructions for making the totally scary pumpkin and bling: eyebrow rings and a tongue stud. Don't be afraid, print yours now!

Punny Word Play Costume Ideas (Easy & Cheap to Make)
By Bonnie Neubauer
Are you a pun lover on a budget? Learn how to combine your word play wit with creative & frugal costume design to make an assortment of Punny Costumes based on the eBook with the same name! Free costume ideas and printables include: Pirates, Green with Envy, Front Money, Rolex, Left Overs, and Raising Cain.

Halloween Spooky Story Writing & BOO! Book Project
Creative writing prompts and book-making instructions guide you in your ghost story creation and BOO! Book making. Free printable project templates for a Jack-O-Lantern BOO! Book are included with project for personal or classroom use.

Halloween Word Search Puzzle
Teachers and puzzle enthusiasts alike will enjoy the brain-crunching challenge of finding all of the Halloween-related words before the monsters come out to play!

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Resources
This assortment of online pumpkin carving resources share free printable patterns, pumpkin carving tips and decorating techniques for a variety of carved pumpkin characters.

Printable Coloring Pages: Nit Wits Punkin & Pumpkins
Free 'n Fun Halloween pumpkin coloring pages that won't bore you out of your gourd! Perfect for kids and classroom Halloween priming.

More Halloween Projects on Project Playground »

More Halloween Art & Craft Project Sources

Printable Halloween Word Search PuzzleHaunted Halloween Paper Toys
Free printable Halloween model toys created by Ray O'Bannon with instructions to construct. Models include: Dancing Skeleton Marionette, Board Games, Ghost House, Face Plate, Zombie Mask, Vampire Mask, Skull Mask, Medieval Helmets, Coffin Boxes and Gift Boxes, Mechanical Bat, Halloween Greeting Cards, and Monster Playsets.

Martha Stewart's Costume Central
Creative Halloween costume ideas, how-tos, and tidbits. Don't miss the informative sections on how to create realistic "Scary Make-up" effects!

Ben & Jerry's Halloween Crafts
Coloring book, creepy crafts, screen savor, and more! "Make your own Halloween decorations. Print out these craft pages, color them, cut them out and fasten them together to make your own Ben & Jerry's Halloween decorations."

Halloween Garden Flags
"Two Halloween flags you can sew — pumpkin and a ghost. Use them along the driveway, in a window, or as a centerpiece; or, give them as a gift."

Halloween History
Are you interested in learning about the history of Halloween? "For thousands of years people have been celebrating different holidays and festivals at the end of October. The Celts celebrated it as Samhain (pronounced "sow-in", with "sow" rhyming with cow)."

Plaid Bandit Trick or Treater
Includes a project pattern for a cute pair of trick or treating Halloween ghosts made out of styrofoam, wood dowels, wire, plastic wrap, and brown paper bags.

Polymer Clay Black Cat
Step-by-step project instructions to make a black cat and pumpkin out of polymer clay.

Styrofoam™ Brand Halloween Craft Projects
Select the project type and category you want, and Dow will serve back hundreds of fun projects to you! Halloween projects include molded spider and pumpkins, bats, ghosts, stacked pumpkins, witches brew wall hanging, stacked pumpkins, skeleton, and wreaths.