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SoulCollage Card Created by Anne Marie Bennett
Collaging with Cancer : My Healing Team Doctors

Collaging with Cancer #11

My Healing Team – Doctors

Walking a Cancer Journey with Scissors, Glue, & Lots of Hope

By Anne Marie Bennett

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In the practice of SoulCollage®, we make cards for our inner personality parts, our shadow parts, archetypes and spirit guides, and animal companions as well. We also make cards for the people in our lives who have loved us, influenced us and touched our hearts in some way.

Near the end of my second cancer journey in 2012, I created this card for the doctors who saw me through both of my cancer diagnoses, surgeries and subsequent treatments. It does my heart good even now to see their faces all in one place on this SoulCollage® card. Pictured here are my breast surgeon, two oncologists, plastic surgeon, and Naturopath.

SoulCollage Card Created by Anne Marie Bennett

When I draw this card in a reading they speak to me as a team of healers:

Who are you?
We Are the Ones Who are your warrior healing team. We Are the Ones Who valiantly fight cancer with all that we’ve got. We Are the Ones Who saw you through the difficult times of surgeries and chemo treatments. We Are the Ones Who taught you to ask questions and to speak up for what you needed. We Are the Ones Who offer healing, guidance, and support to others who are on cancer journeys.

What do you have to give me?
We give you healing. We give you of our intelligence and brilliant minds. We give you the benefit of our knowledge and many years of experience. We give you the gift of good health.

What do you want from me?
We want you to never take your health for granted. We want you to know that you are strong, that you are a survivor.

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© 2014 Anne Marie Bennett. All rights reserved.

About Anne Marie Bennett

Anne Marie BennettAnne Marie Bennett is a published author, self-taught artist, and SoulCollage® Facilitator/Trainer with a website dedicated to helping women with any kind of cancer stay connected to Self, Others, and Spirit. More

Updated 7/28/14