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Chris Dunmire: Fowlowing Her Creative Bliss!
Chris Dunmire : Wing-Sprouting Writing Years

Wing-Sprouting Writing Years

The Early Essays

Planting Seeds of Creativity
By Chris Dunmire
RIGHT NOW: You just may be planting creative seeds in someone else. Learn how someone planted them in me.

Nourish Your Creativity and It Will Nourish You
There is no doubt in my mind that we all possess the innate gift of creativity. Some of us learn to grasp it early on in our lives, and (perhaps like myself) lose sight of it until we are ready to embrace it again in later years.

Three Ways to Explore Your Creativity
By Chris Dunmire
If you insist that you absolutely, positively don't have a creative bone in your body, please allow me an opportunity to demonstrate how, yes, you do.

The Four Steps of Creativity
By Chris Dunmire
What are the four steps of creativity? And will incorporating them in your projects really help you to generate more ideas and work more efficiently?

What is Creativity to You?
By Chris Dunmire
If you type "What is creativity?" into a search engine, you'll find plenty of online resources devoted to answering the question for you. But when it comes to personal creativity, isn't it your own definition that matters the most?

Appreciate the Developmental Stages
By Chris Dunmire
Everything serves a purpose... especially the time it takes to explore and develop your creative skills.

The Arts Desire
By Chris Dunmire
It doesn't have to be *all* about creating something "gallery worthy". How about just focusing on you?

Creatively Sharing
By Chris Dunmire
Is there really 'more happiness in giving than receiving' when we gift others with our creative expressions?

Great Ideas & Inventions
By Chris Dunmire
Sometimes just dreaming about ideas is enough.

Learning from Others
By Chris Dunmire
Who taught you how to tie your shoe? What goes around comes around. Why we really need other people.

Taking Risks
By Chris Dunmire
We can't please everyone when we venture out and take creative risks. But then again, we really don't have to.

Doing What You Like, and Liking What You Do
By Chris Dunmire
Tips towards micromoving towards your creative dreams. How to get "there."