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Inspiring Creativity Success Stories
Be Creative! : Inspiring Creativity Success Stories

Inspiring Stories by Entrepreneurial Creatives

We're all inspired by success stories, especially when they come from people we can relate to. To help further inspire your creativity and encourage you to make the most of your talents and gifts, the Creativity Portal presents the following true stories contributed and told by artists, writers, and others who've followed their creative passions into the marketplace and enjoy financial rewards for their products and services.

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The Success Stories Behind:

A Creative Break that became a Passion
By Stavroula Papadopoulos
I never expected to learn so much about myself, my work and the world when I accepted a job as a foreign language teacher.

A New World CD
By Elisa Brown
A Musical Recipe for Peace, Health and Well-Being.

Beach Stone Inspired
By Maria Chatzi
A Bedrock Story of Love and Creative Inspiration.

Macrame Lovers — Macrame for Modern Artists
By Melissa Cordstone
A Heartfelt Search for 'Modern & Fresh' Led to Me Creating it Myself!

Colour Buddy™ Creative Doodles, Posters, & Products
By Michael Harman
Imagination: The Image-Forming Power of the Mind. The story behind Michael Harman's Colour Buddy™ creative doodles, art, mind puzzles, picture posters, and games.

Good Karma Cards
By Jaye van Dussen & Stephanie Legatos
If you believe that our thoughts influence our feelings and our perceptions, then you'll already know something about Good Karma Cards.

Sample Board Online — Eco-Friendly Free Design Tool
By Rosena MacFadzean
Electronic presentation board creation tool links interior designers with suppliers and allows students or DIY's to develop ideas in an eco-friendly, creative way.

On Publishing 'A Bead in Time: 35 Jewelry Projects Inspired by Slices of Life'
By Lisa Crone
My secret journey: Mixing passion with positivity.

Whimsical Curiosities
By Lauretta Lowell
My personal discovery of self-fulfillment and happiness.

Tigercandy Arts, Inc.: Creatively Unconventional
By Tiger Kandel
Tigercandy Arts, Inc. was born out of my innate inability to conform.

The Dream that Wouldn't Die
By Angi Sullins
Today Duirwaigh Gallery is an art gallery. Tomorrow, a museum.

"I am not afraid. I was born to do this."
By Molly Anderson-Childers
What happened after my first poem was published.

Journeying into Self through Heart Art
By Emelisa Mudle
How creating her own heart art has led Emelisa towards helping others to heal and grow.

Making Up the Rules
By Preethi Nair
Author of Gypsy Masala and 100 Shades of White lives a double life, restores missing book pages, and breaks the rules.

Balancing Multiple Careers and Family Life
By Tom Filsinger
Author of The Dark Menace of the Universe balances multiple careers and family life.

Living in Rhythm with Your Heart and Soul
By Anne Marie Bennett
An inspiring story about KaleidoSoul and a SoulCollage® playground.

Violette's Whimsical Art
By Violette
This Field of Dreams story began with a solo road trip to the states and a showcase spot on the TV show Weird Homes.

The Success Behind the Soul Food Cafe
By Heather Blakey
Enchantress behind Soul Food Cafe — a bountiful banquet and creative sanctuary for artists, writers, and bloggers.

Belle's Printables
By Belle Keeney
Encouragement from friends boosts creative confidence.