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Inspiring Creativity Success Stories
Success Stories : Writer Molly Anderson-Childers

Creativity Success Story

‘I am not afraid. I was born to do this.’

By Molly Anderson-Childers

My creative success story began with the first publication of my work, three years ago. Until then, I had always written and worked on creative projects for myself, without sharing my ideas with others. It was incredibly scary to send that first poem out into the world… but seeing my words in print was a thrill that lit me up inside like sparklers on the Fourth of July.

I'm addicted — I sent out more of my work, and have been published many times since. I am slowly working my way through the transition from day job to dream job — one day, I hope to support myself with pen and paintbrush, working full-time as a writer and artist.

I'm looking forward to the first solo exhibition of my visual art in March of 2007. I will be displaying original watercolor paintings and collage in my favorite coffee-shop in Durango, The Steaming Bean Coffee Company. I'm currently working hard to create new pieces to show.

This fall, I'm teaching art through the Shared School Program at Needham Elementary School. I love the classes, and the kids really inspire me. I am also offering creative journaling workshops at Namaste Health Center in October.

During the week of Halloween, I'll be staying in one of the yurts at Mancos State Park as part of their new Guest Artist Program. I worked as the Program Coordinator to help create this program. I also applied for and artists' residency, and was thrilled to receive my acceptance letter a few months ago. I have designed a creative journal for the artists and visitors to use, and I will also be planning some workshops in creative journaling for adults and kids while I'm there. I plan to fast while I'm in the woods, and create beautiful words and works of art as I seek solace for my spirit in the wide-open spaces of the Mancos State Park.

In November, I'll be presenting a workshop at WomenFest 2006, an event sponsored by the Durango Women's Resource Center. I want to focus on a new theme, "Nature as Muse, Healer, and Guide." I hope to incorporate creative writing, watercolor, collage, and drawing into one fabulous workshop.

I am a regular columnist for the Creativity Portal website. In the past, I have crafted articles for children and adults about bringing creativity into their daily lives. I just finished a series about the Nine Athenian Muses, and the final article will be published in October. Hot on the heels of my Nine Muses articles is a new "Multicultural Muses" series. I bid Athens farewell, in an effort to seek inspiration from Muses all over the world, from every era of human history. This series will begin in November with a trip to Ireland to find Leanan Sidhe, the dark, delicious, and dangerous Faery Muse of Irish poets and musicians. I'm excited to begin this new journey, and I hope you'll join me!

This month, I interviewed author and creativity coach Jill Badonsky as part of another new series, Creating A Fun, Fabulous Career in the Arts. This series will take a closer look at the steps to a successful career in the arts through a series of in-depth interviews with creative souls from many different fields.

What does the future hold for me? More fabulous surprises, dreams come true, and wishes granted. I have no doubt, no fear. As Joan of Arc said, "I am not afraid. I was born to do this." •

© 2006 Molly Anderson-Childers. All rights reserved.

Molly Anderson-Childers is a a highly creative writer and artist from Durango, Colorado. More »