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Dec 26: Creating a Christmas Card Wall Display: Tree, Wreath, Garland, Frame


By Jessica Ackerman | Posted December 23, 2009 | Updated December 27, 2019

“Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection.”
—Winston Churchill

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Gingerbread Man KitChristmas cards are too pretty to just pile in a basket on a table. Instead, use them to create beautiful Christmas card wall displays to add holiday cheer to your home. There are several different methods you can use, so if you have plenty of cards, you can even create more than one display.

Christmas Card Tree

You can use your Christmas cards to construct a wall Christmas tree that "grows" as the holiday progresses. The easiest way to do this is to cut a large Christmas tree shape out of a piece of wide wrapping paper, and hang it on the wall, fastening with removable tape. Then, as the Christmas cards arrive in the mail, simply use tape to attach them to the shape. When finished, you will have a large Christmas tree wall display, constructed entirely of Christmas cards.

Christmas Card Wreath

A similar method can be used to create a giant wreath. Using either paper or cardboard, cut a wreath shape and hang it on the wall. Or, you can use a large grapevine wreath as the support. This can look especially pretty when hung over the fireplace mantle. Add the cards using tape as they arrive until the entire wreath is covered in Christmas cards. Add a large ribbon bow to the wreath for a beautiful finishing touch.

Christmas Card Garland

A classic Christmas card wall decoration involves hanging lengths of string on the wall, so that you can hang the Christmas cards "clothesline style." To do this, you can either use string, colored yarn, or a piece of thin decorative Christmas ribbon. Use a thumbtack to inconspicuously attach the string at either end of the wall, allowing enough slack to allow you to easily hang the cards. Then, simply place each card with the fold over the string to display. If you get more cards than you have length of string, simply add a second string to an adjacent wall and continue the display.

Framing Christmas Cards

You can also create an interesting wall display with Christmas cards by framing them. This is an especially good technique to use for Christmas cards that have special significance, or ones that are just too pretty to discard when the season is over. Simply frame individual Christmas cards and hang on the wall, either alone for a small accent, or together in a grouping for extra visual appeal.

Create a Christmas Card Collage

You can also create a Christmas card collage, which can be a beautiful way of creating an interesting wall display. Children often love to make these, so you can make a fun family project out of it. Use a large square or rectangle of heavy paper or cardboard as the support for the collage, you can either piece whole cards together into an interesting pattern, or use scissors to cut the cards into interesting shapes first. If you don't want to cut up this year's Christmas cards, you can save cards from a previous year to use as the art material for this project. The end result will be totally unique and can make a beautiful holiday wall display.

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