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Travel Adventure Writing Prompts
Kristi Tencarre : World Travel Adventure Writing Prompts Series

World Travel Adventure Writing Prompts

Destinations: France, Bali, Egypt, Jordan, Canada, Japan, South Africa, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Shanghai China

By Kristi Tencarre

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This is a series of photos that will prompt you to be an adventurer through this world of ours. Questions are included to get you started, but there are many more that only you can answer.

Look at the pictures and choose one that speaks to you. Write from your first instincts. If you desire some help with a starting point then read the prompts. Go with your first instinct. That is your authentic self, not what the internal critic wants you to write. Do not edit your thoughts or writing until you have written out all the thoughts in your head. Allow the words to flow out of you, uncensored. Then, and only then, return to the beginning to read over what you wrote and begin the editing stage.

Most importantly, have fun with your ideas and those that are stirred up by the images. Enjoy the process!

World Travel Destinations

FranceTravel to France Writing Prompts
By Kristi Tencarre
Monuments still stand preserving the past and whispering the future. Enter into the scenes depicted in these pictures and create your own stories.

BaliTravel to Bali Writing Prompts
By Kristi Tencarre
Indonesian beaches where volcanoes once erupted. Tropical forests with azure skies. What does Bali inspire in you?

EgyptTravel to Egypt Writing Prompts
By Kristi Tencarre
The essence of Ancient Egypt still remains today. What do the pyramids, marketplaces, mosques, and pharaohs of Egypt prompt in you?

JordanTravel to Jordan Writing Prompts
By Kristi Tencarre
Jordan: an ancient land as old as time itself. Desert sands stir in the air and you breathe them in, inhaling the past as you look at the present.

CanadaTravel to Canada Writing Prompts
By Kristi Tencarre
Alberta Canada is a wild land of open skies, cultivated farmland in some places, rugged cattle country in others.

JapanTravel to Japan Writing Prompts
By Kristi Tencarre
Japan is an ancient land of volcanoes and mountains closed off by water. More than 3000 islands make up this country.

South AfricaTravel to South Africa Writing Prompts
By Kristi Tencarre
Ever dreamed of being on a safari? Picture gazing up at the crooked neck of a calm looking giraffe eating leaves from the tips of acacia trees.

ThailandTravel to Thailand Writing Prompts
By Kristi Tencarre
Thailand, known until 1939 as Siam, is a country rich in history and beauty.

Dominican Republic

Travel to The Dominican Republic
By Carolina Pichardo
The Dominican Republic is a spirited and dynamic country that has sustained one of the strongest economy and highest travel and tourism numbers in all of the Caribbean and Central America.

Zhujiajiao (Shanghai, China) Travel to Zhujiajiao (Shanghai, China)
By Carolina Pichardo
In the ancient town of Zhujiajiao, a small region located in suburbs of Shanghai China, there are stories marinating the river that borders this "Water Town."

Updated 1/17/14