Growing Poetree Playbook and Journal

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Growing Poetree Playbook & Journal
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Growing Poetree Playbook and Journal

A prompting container and tool to plant and grow your writing.

By Chris Dunmire | Posted 4/9/21

"What is the Way of haiku? Bare attention, no distractions, pure awareness, noticing only what is in the moment." —Natalie Goldberg

Growing PoetreeAre you curious about what it might be like to write poetry?

Or, if you already do, would you like to experience a new, dynamic container to experiment with new styles, brainstorm unique words, innovate existing forms, and vision the legacy you'd like your creative work to make in the world?

If yes to either of the above, you'll like my new, creative Growing Poetry tool!

This 21-page playbook is not a passive dry run of theory. It's an engaging guide and a journal alive with prompts, activities, and space to learn, practice, contemplate, and journey into deeper engagement with your writing through haiku, tanka, acrostics, and persona poetry.

The printable format of Growing Poetry provides endless canvases for words and images and space to grow in your writing. Here's a fun sampling of pages:

Growing Poetree

"Poetry is a concise and elemental means of expressing the deepest of human emotions: joy, sorrow, grief, hope, love, and longing. It connects us as a people and a community; it speaks for us in a way few other forms of writing can do." —Roger Housden

The space that opens up to you when you immerse yourself in writing lean and concise is unlike any other. Choosing meaningful words and symbols, creating atmosphere and mood, and painting scenes that carry both you and your reader (with an experience of their own) through to the other side is both an art and a craft!

Start your new poetic journey today by downloading the Growing Poetry tool through the PayPal Buy Now button above. Happy writing!

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