Guided Imagery

Guided Imagery to Inspire Your Creative Journey

with Molly Childers and Chris Dunmire

We extend a warm welcome to your arrival here in this moment. You are about to enter a vast portal to personal exploration as you have never known before. This space is sacred and private, for no-one else can enter your space without your permission. It is available to you at any time and costs you nothing. You do not need a reservation, a charger, or wi-fi connection to access it. It will never run out of memory or prompt upgrades. This awesome space takes up no room and will never evict you. Yes, this space exists within the realms of your imagination, an intangible asset you will possess for a lifetime. It allows creativity to flourish, self-care to nurture, and ideas to grow into innovations. Come in to this space right now to see what might open up for you.

Where would you like to go today?

Guided ImageryFor the seeking artist, creativity is a portal one enters to journey far beyond point A to B. Engaging in creative process affords a magnificent opportunity to reach higher and deeper states of being through the acts of exploration and expression.

Through creativity we journey through layers of encouragement, expansion, trust and surrender, towards new discoveries and attitudes that helps us to arrive at new ways of thinking, doing, and being.

Guided Imagery intertwines words and imagination to evoke positive scenarios and possibilities to stimulate and inspire your creativity. These meditations are centered around the themes of discovery, expansion, surrender, nurturing, trust, courage, play, freedom, and comfort and inspired by the Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching™ model developed by Jill Badonsky with Robert Maurer, PhD.

Each guided journey features a Going Deeper exercise to activate the seeds of inspiration.

Engage Now Through Your Imagination

DiscoveryDiscovery: Following the Compass of Your Heart

Do you deal with procrastination, self-doubt, fears, and vicious Inner Critics? This guided meditation helps you to visualize a treasure map leading to your specific creative project, goal, or dream.

ExpansionThe Red Door: Expanding Your Capacity for Inspiration

It helps to look at the root causes of creative blocks, so you can better understand and deal with these obstacles to your soul-work. This guided meditation leads you to see how limitless your capacity for inspiration truly is.

SurrenderSurrender: A Guided Journey

Are you procrastinating, or letting other tasks take precedence over your creative soul-work? This guided meditation reveals how much energy resistance takes when you struggle against your natural desire to do creative work.

NurtureNurture: Nourishing the Artist Within

Isn't it time for a little self-care? This guided meditation gets you a nourishing visit to cafe NurTur, and a chance to take yourself out to lunch.

TrustTrust: A Guided Tour of the Heart

It is hard to trust the ephemeral creative process. This guided meditation takes you right to the ocean's edge to face your creative fears.

CourageCourage in Creative Expression: Bear Medicine Meditation

What is your definition of courage? This guided meditation reminds you that artistic creation in any medium is a great act of courage.

PlayPlay: Jellybeans for Breakfast

Feeling stuck? Muses on strike? Doldrums got you down? This guided meditation will reconnect with your inner child when you're feeling stuck as you enter the Forest of the Lost.

FreedomFreedom: Freeing Your Inner Muse

Your work, your every idea, is significant, for only you can bring your unique perspective to life. This guided meditation will free your inner muse through a Milkyway Marbles Meditation and sowing seeds in the Garden of your heart.

ComfortCabin Fever: A Meditation on Comfort

Is your creative work a source of comfort to you? This guided meditation allows you to visualize yourself in a cabin in the woods, where everything you need has been provided for.