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Get Creative! Creative-Inspiring People, Places & Things
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Get Creative! Creative-Inspiring People, Places & Things

We often find our richest sources of inspiration through our experiences with other people, places, and things. Here is a listing of sections on the Creativity Portal that will open the door of creative inspiration to you!

Inspiring Sections on the Creativity Portal

Inspiring Creativity Success Stories
Success stories contributed by artists, writers, and others who've followed their passions into the marketplace and enjoy financial rewards for their creative products and services.

Be Creative! Creativity Motivating Articles
A growing selection of motivating and encouraging articles devoted to helping you to discover and nurture your own creative gifts within.

Imagination Prompt Generator
Push-button story starters! An abundance of thought-provoking prompts for your writing and blogging projects. Featured on Blogger's Buzz.

Q & A: Help Along the Way
A question and answer feature helping readers find answers to questions related to art, crafts, writing, and creativity.

How-to Directories
Hand-selected resources with free learning instruction for art, crafts, writing, and creativity. Many sites feature free instructional content in the form of how to's, articles, projects, patterns, downloads, or tutorials.

Art and Craft Articles, Lessons, and Tutorials
"How to" features within the Creativity Portal. Our growing selection includes collage tutorials, drawing lessons, candle making projects, home decorating articles, and other related information.

Inspiring Creative People: Creativity Portal Contributors
Learn more about the lives of the coaches, authors, artists, crafters, writers, and creativity enthusiasts featured on the Creativity Portal Web site.

Be Creative! Adults
Fun projects and activities that prove you're never too old to enjoy that childlike creativity within you. From coloring pages and word search puzzles to popcorn art and gum wrapper origami, there's something here for your inner creativity enthusiast.

Creo City: Creativity Portal Playground
An assortment of fun kids art, craft, writing, and creative expression projects, articles, and activities.

More Inspiration, Fun, and Learning Outside the Creativity Portal

Free Online Courses and Classes
Quality learning for free! Features courses for writing, computer programs, Web design, art, and history you can take online just by signing up.

Creativity-Related Social Networks, Open Projects & Online Discussion Forums
Virtual venues of like-minded creatives and community to collaborate, listen, learn, and discuss art, crafts, creativity, writing, and dreams.

Online Web Magazines and 'Zines
A selection of Web magazines offering inspiration and learning through articles, projects, and showcases of finished projects.