Gum Wrapper Origami

Be Creative! Play

Nearly a quarter century ago, I started the Be Creative! series of novel mini-projects and coloring pages to hook in the curious-adventurous to dispel the notion that you have to be a child, an amazing artist, professional performer, or full of never-ending innovative ideas to validate your creative being-ness. I was called to help others become more aware of how you can harness the creative energy within you to engage your imagination, de-stress, express, and find the fun. I challenge you to accept this invitation to experience something new today. Yes, tap into your bottomless reservoir of intelligence, ebullience, and playfulness and see just where it might lead you today.

Who says that crayons are just for kids? Who says that art has to be hangworthy in a gallery to be worthy of pursuing? Who says that there's only one right way to write, paint, or perform to be real? Whoever did is now a ghost of the past.

I say: You're never too old to enjoy that childlike creativity within you. You're never to old to stop learning new things. You're never too old to express those silly, spontaneous urges lurking inside you waiting to get out. Oh, you may hold back at the office or in front of others who don't appreciate such things, but here it's safe for you to let go and explore your creativity!

True creativity should be fun and uninhibited. It doesn't impose ridiculous restrictions such as staying 'within the lines' or producing perfect works of art. Creativity should be fun and exploratory; messy, and when necessary, left unfinished. The bottom line is… creativity is to be enjoyed and celebrated!

Let's Play

Gum Wrapper Origami: Bazooka Comic Shirt and Pants Set

Learn how to fold a shirt and pants set with your colorful Bazooka gum wrappers. These instructions also work on a dollar dollar bill to make a nifty dress shirt!

Brickstorming Your Legacy

Brainstormingly fun creative writing activity! What message can you craft into 3 lines with 14 characters each? Pictures and printable template included.

Popcorn Art: Fluffy Imagination Starch-Gazing

Popcorn is not just for the movies and stringing around your Christmas tree. Use your cloud-gazing and imagination skills to create colorful works of art on ordinary popped popcorn.

Tree-mendous Memory! Brain Games

Printable brain-stimulating game for all ages! This creative twist on the classic memory card game makes you pick matching pairs of 'leaf' cards placed randomly in the branches of the tree.

TypARTgraphy: Artistic Compositions with Type and Fonts

What? Artistic compositions with type? Learn how by using only the characters (letters, numbers, symbols) in a family of fonts, you can create some fontastic art.

Craft Autumn Greeting Card Poetry

Print the blank autumn cards (with fall art on the fronts) and write the cover and inside message with poetry or quotes. Inspiring fun fall time creative writing.

Word Type: Design Meaning with Words

An experiment in nonverbal meaning. Design a word or headline to look like its real or opposite meaning.

Design a Word Search Puzzle

Remember how fun it was to find hidden words in a mess of letters? Well, now you can create your own word search or crossword puzzles.

Write the Story: Stick Figure Creativity

Can a picture really be worth 1,000 words? Test your creative writing imagination by writing what you see in these stick figure drawings. Share your creative stories in a group!

Writing & Blogging Prompts: Start Your Stories!

Are you itching to write about something for your journal or blog, but need a little help with a topic idea? Try using these writing prompt topics and words.

Coloring Pages

Winter Snowman: Free-ze Your Creativity
Your creativity isn't frozen in time! Get our your crayons and have some childlike coloring fun!

Fall Turkey: Feathered Fun
A coloring page you're sure to gobble up!

Nit Wits PUNKin: Rebellious Gourds & Pumpkins
These Nit Wits coloring pages with Punky Pumpkins won't bore you out of your gourd!

Nit Wits Tee Time: Coloring Beyond the Greens
This Nit Wits coloring page promises a creative 'hole in one!' Don't worry about staying in the lines, that's par for the course!

Nit Wits Purrassic Park: Dinosaur Dyno-mite!
This Nit Wits coloring page will sharpen your 'extincts!' Prove to yourself that your creativity didn't go 'the way of the dinosaurs!'

Nit Wits Mirror Image: An Odd Reflection
This Nit Wits coloring page will help you to 'reflect' on how much you enjoy being creative!